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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!


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Questions for the stream...

  • Operator Tennogen. Will it be an option in the future, or is it too difficult?
  • Magnetic Damage has been practically useless against enemies for quite some time. Is there a chance it could be useful to drain Eidolons of their energies? Or perhaps as another means of removing Sentient immuneities?
  • Can we have a little bed in our Operator's room for Kubrow Puppies or Kavat Kittens? Please?
  • On that note, can we have one pet running around in our ship, while another is ready for battle?
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So my question is when will xbox and ps4 be at the update pc is currently. Also will apostasy be add to console.

SPOILERS: you've been warned.

so just a thing, replaying The Second Dream I noticed when margulis is on trial the orkin say you will be punished for your APOSTASY which makes me think was apostasy an idea already 

love, Predator


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Will the infected room in the orbiter receive some type of use aside from removing the cyst in the coming year(seems like a lot of cool stuff could happen there)?

With the addition of modular stuff in the game, will we see modular frame parts?(as in modifying base stats) Or more moduar stuff?

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1. Any update on the Sentient Carrier enemy (the one that uses cores from fallen sentient to make new ones)?

2. If the Apostasy Prologue quest can be considered a prequel to the quest "The Sacrifice", will future major quests feature similar kinds of prologues?

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Welcome back! I hope you guys enjoyed your time off ^-^

I have a few small questions/comments, if that's ok.

  1. With Fashion Ship being so big now, can we expect more expansion on companion AI to go along with it? For example it was talked about hooking up the ability for our Operators to interact with our Kubrows and Kavats. When can we expect to see that, and will ever see other animations, like Sentinels having free roam of the ship, or Kubrows and Kavats playing with their toys?
  2. Similar to Somachord collecting, will we be able to collect other ship decorations as well? For example, we have no real reason to keep scanning plants for the Silver Grove outside of some niche mod farming, will we be able to use those plant essences similar to the fish from the Plains to collect decorations, or have some other system of earning things?
  3. Speaking of Somachord, I've seen a lot of complaints about it being frustrating. For people who've already completed Cephalon Fragment scanning half the time you run a mission looking for music you end up with a Cephalon Fragment you can no longer use, which makes farming for music that much more tedious. Are there any QoL improvements coming to make this a bit more bearable, such as making Cephalon Fragments not spawn for you (at least while solo) if you've already completed them?
  4. As a Quality of Life type update, will we be able to access Navigation or some other UI element from the kneeling pad in the personal Quarters? Right now it's semi-bugged where if you kneel and use the menu to access other parts of the ship you get stuck kneeling.
  5. Similar to Dojos, now that we have access to all the currently available rooms has the option to color each of them separately been talked about?
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I have quite a lot of questions so feel free to ignore any ones that may not be very interesting to talk about

  • Damage 2.5 update pls.
  • Previously you said that the status proc "strength" will scale off how much of a percentage that element is of the total damage. How will this affect weapons like the Lacera for example that proc bleed from the stance combos?
  • Any teasing info about Khora's quest? :D
  • Any Pets 2.0 news?
  • Will Khora's "Exalted Kavat" was shown to be modded separately from the companion equipped. Will this feature ever be introduced for other exalted weapons since most of them do not benefit from the standard mods typically used on said weapons (such as Bloodrush)? This would make it less of a pain to find builds that suit both the weapon and the ability equally.
  • With Khora's "Exalted Kavat" having the ability to be modded, will this feature ever make it to other summoning abilities such as Rumblers, Effigy, Tentacle Swarm, etc.
  • Will Equinox ever get 2 mod pages that allow you to mod the day and night form separately
  • Will we ever get a foundry queue or something along those lines? Personally for me, having to tend to it every minute while building consumables is getting a bit frustrating :/
  • Any new twin daggers, whips, daggers, or gunblades in the making?
  • Will raids ever get the "bounty treatment" to drop an arcane per stage? Maybe have it drop the rares only on the last one and for nightmare LoR make the first stage drop the proc-resistance arcanes only and the last 2 stages drop everything.
  • Lato and Skana Primes are rightly founders only, would Aklato and Dual Skana Primes violate that too?
  • Will the Quills' Amp and arcane selection ever get an expansion?
  • Like me, I'm sure that there are a lot of people who started to scan items for their codex quite late in the game. Ever considered making the normal Stalker entry to unlock with the Shadow Stalker one?
  • Any more quests currently being considered to be made replayable?
  • Is there a Chroma/Zephyr rework in the future?
  • Will the old arcane helmets ever make a comeback?
  • For someone like me who is a collector, is there the possibility of making a "collector's pack" containing various items that were retired from the game just as a token for nostalgia? By items I mean stuff like the old Vay Hek beacons that dropped off prosecutors, old planet nav segments, etc.
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Dear diary, today I asked it again. Yes, it. You know:


 - Melee 3.0 when? -


Will the RNGesus bless me with an answer? With a yes or with a no, or with an I don't know? Anything would do. Anything.

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1. Can we please have an option to activate music only while being in the orbiter? I find music during gameplay distractive and would love not having to decite between music everywhere, nowhere or always changing settings.

2. Back in September I planned to gift my bf 30 Forma bundles for his 30th birthday. But the bundles can only be gifted individually and with there being a max number of trades a player can make during one day, it took me over a week and ruined the surprise a bit. So could we please gift multiple bundles, pretty please. :)

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1. Can we have an option to dynamically switch operator's hood from opened to closed ingame? 

2. Any news on separated collor channels for helmets?

3. What happened with planned proto event and weapon skins? If its still at works, when can we expect it?

4. Do you plan to allow players to use new character developing pipeline (as shown in dev stream 100) in some <spoilering> way? (Not operators, something rather enterly different)


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Alrighty, first Devstream questions ever! New year, new style am I right?

I have a few questions I'm just curious about!

1). Did we unlock everything on our ship, or will there be yet another expansion similar to the one of U18 for any system or room type down the line?

2). Will we ever get Kuva Aquisition changes? Maybe like.... the KUVA Fortress? Rivens are cool, but not the limiting amount of Kuva/Hour unless you have a booster and Smeeta Kavat give you x4 drops (x8 on double weekends), it's not run getting 1-2 rolls per hour for Rivens that already have 7+ roles. Making Kuva grinding better might help the Riven system be a little more enticing to some who dislike its current status.

3). With new Eidolon and Teralyst variants coming our way, are we getting new Cetus/Quills Arcanes? Maybe this time for our Warframes?... speaking of Arcanes :D

4). Potential Arcane acquisition revamp/2.0? Not many people do raids and drop chances for some good arcanes are absolutely insane, and a chance to get a subpar or not so useful arcane.

5). Status of the kingpin/dojo additions? I know it was placed on the Backburner but can 2018 be the year?

6). Events and Tactical Alerts: They kinda disappeared, compared to how often they used to be. I know with more daunting development challenges they may be harder and more tedious to make, but can we get at least a Tactical Alert once in a while in between content drops when some players experience burnout? It helps with keeping player interest and giving potentially locked rewards (At least to what I think, but hey, I might be wrong)!

That's all I got! Congrats on 2017 being the best year so far, and let's make 2018 start off great!! Congrats on Steam Award btw.

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