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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

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Hello DE,

First of all, happy new year, hope you all had a great holiday with your family and friends at peace.

Second, rip Jack, we with you Rebecca.

Now down to business:

-How long are we going to have Lordis? around, we all miss Mom.

-Ballas, is there a sweet boss fight? We want that shiny sword.

-Operator, we getting Melee weapon and Operator only missions or sections anytime soon?

Since we are going full Focus and Operator, as the Lore makes us think, knowing this (NO ETA NEEDED) might persuade some players to actually Invest more time on their Operators.


Thanks for taking the time, Best wishes for 2018, lets keep this game in our hearts.

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As per questions:

-Can we look more into Damage 2.5 and see what specifically is going to be done to revitalize Impact and Puncture?  Also, what about forced procs on stances and mods (HUNTER MUNITIONS)?

NOTE: I get that armor scaling may need to change, and I understand that Slash may eat a small slice of nerf pie; I'm okay just so long as these two things coincide.

-What is being done with Volt to address rework concerns (some of which are years old)?

-Is there a timeframe (very ish, I understand) on the above questions?

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In regards to Tennogen, is it possible to let the community start making their own "deluxe skins"? (as in full model changes instead of just textures and maps)

I believe the community has proven that they have the talent and knowledge to make some amazing content, and I think a lot of the content creators would be able to work with boundaries DE sets in place. Like the models have to work with the same skeleton and rigging that's attached to the warframe for example.

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any chance there will be another weapon balance pass in 2018? i think last balance pass made some weapon useable (and i've used some of them regularly post-balance), and there's still so many weapon that's been underused because most every new weapon are stronger...


also, can we turn some ores and gems into credit in the future? after became eidolon gem's merchant for the past month, my credit's been burned from 12 millions to 800k... please let me sell things like coprun/ferros into credit... i think it will benefit new players too, so they can get some credit from mining...

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What frames are in your priority of reworks right now and how hard do you think they might need to change? For instance Volt got quite some looks last year and Discharge was under review still, but it seems he’s still not quite there yet, do you feel statistical changes should do the trick or perhaps he needs a harder rework, closer to excalibur levels? If he isn’t CC then what is he supposed to be?

While IPS is the hot topic right now, do you believe elemental damage should get a revision as well? While some types’ are unique others seem to be redundant and too similar, as well as some elements seen as not very useful unless under very specific situations (such as magnetic being seen as the most useless, or electric having a massive decrease from armor and a very short stun per proc, or toxic and gas being practically the same).

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Hello DE Team! My first questions for the New Year are all related to our beloved first frame, Excalibur: Can Excalibur's Slash Dash and Radial Javelin receive some additional review? Most specifically with Slash Dash, since I run an Overextended Build, I notice that Excalibur slows down considerably when he targets enemies with the ability and just kind of slowly scoots towards the enemy compared to a Slash Dash with no target. Additionally, with Radial Blind and Radial Javelin both targeting enemies in the same range and both limited by line of sight, the exchange between them seems to be longer stun and the huge Stealth Multiplier/Finisher Opening versus 1000 Damage and costing 25 more Energy. For beginners the merit of just inflicting big damage to enemies is definitely there, but it feels like Radial Javelin is still missing some extra ingredient for high level usage, be it a utility like adding hits to the Combo Counter or a way to increase the damage and spread status like reading in Melee mods, I would love to see these abilities see a bit of extra review to any extent that you guys would find appropriate.

And finally, would you consider having Exalted Blade's slam attack perform a mini-Radial Javelin akin to how the slide attack performs a mini-Radial Blind? I thought this may work well given the nature of Radial Javelin's animation being Excalibur slamming his sword into the ground. Thanks for your time and welcome back! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Here are my questions:

I still wish to switch out the wings of the Chroma's normal skin with the ones of the dynasty skin when his effigy is active. I am not the biggest fan of his standard ones in there, also not a fan of the dynasty skin itself. Ever see a chance to make this possible when there is some spare time? (Full on dragon fan.)

Another question on him is more simple. Will there ever be a more real dragon like skin for him? I mean we got a nearly total conversion to a human wearing armor with the dynasty skin. Would like to see it vice versa.

And here is a more jokingly one.
I am still one of the older players. And i know we were talking once about ridable MOA's. Just in case. I am still up for that idea. Any chance?

Happy new year tho. Hope you had a great start into it. Greetings from germany.


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4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

If you have questions for us please post them below! This thread closes at 10 a.m EDT on Friday, January 12th!  

Can you plis read the following idea about PvP in the next devstream? First purposed on the forum by (Xbox One)RDeschain82.


Basically the idea is completely scrapping conclave and adding a more "boots on the ground" game-play, from a perspective of the corpus, grineer and the corrupted. The current formula of conclave isn't popular because of 2 things. One is that there is no incentive to do them, no good rewards. The second one is that the skill range is very wide in warframe. PvE part of warframe can be played by basically anyone, very little skill is required when you are facing against the AI, but the fast paced movement in PvP makes a big gap between players skill lvl. Those that have mastered the movement can completely wreck other players. Just imagine, playing PvE all the time, thinking you'r good, but then get your &#! handed to you when you enter PvP. That's why the "boots on the ground" perspective would be better, the skill gap is smaller and the movement is easier to master/learn.

Also this would add another appeal to warframe, two different game-play stiles in one game, so basically 2 games in one.


Game modes:

There are so many possibilities here, even borrowing some ideas from other developers of AAA games. Capture the flag, death match, massive battles on PoE... Maybe something similar to rush in battlefield one, where the battle is set on a grineer ship and corpus are invading it and there are these choke points. Basically corpus need to take the choke points and force the grineer to retreat to the next choke point. Maybe a multi objective mode, going on any tile set. Also, similar to titanfall, there could be grunts, AI enemies, so the battle would seem bigger and more epic.

Also during these fights, an AI controlled warframe could appear and basically be killing everybody so you'd have 2 different enemies at once. There could be bonus points to the side that manages to kill it or deal the most dmg to it.


This would be lore friendly, there could even be battles dooring the old war, slightly after when the tenno took a nap or at the current time. Also adding more incentive, an xp, lvl locked cosmetics or something. 


At least i always wanted to play from corpus or grineer perspective, a more fair and epic battle between these factions. 

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Khora when ?

Don't forget about Gara's MV change, you literally demolished that wall with a pre christmas tweak before going radio silent. We haven't forgotten though.

Spectrorage also suffers the same fate, the mirrors are useless past the starchart due to the way you wanted them to "scale" ( aka 0 ), a second look at that ability as well wouldn't hurt.

Same as Volt's 4th changes, we'd like not wait for the next 6 months or worse.

PS: Quartakk bullets needs to behave like the other rifles, each with its own status chances, not a status divided between the 4 bullets, it's not a shotgun, it's already aggravating that shotguns have status behaving like they do, Quartakk doesn't need that.



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Every time I look at General, there's usually a thread up about people's problems playing with an Ember or a Banshee, or both, in game and how they effect the play experience. Or more specifically, how their Ultimate skills effect other people's play experience.

You've mentioned before that there are several ongoing Frame adjustments being looked at. Can you tell fans whether these frames are a problem in your eyes and if they are on the list for adjustments?

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  • How is the kingpin system coming along? I am really excited about it!
  • When are we going to getting the Ayatan statue on Old Man Zuumbaat's table as a pickup?
  • Anymore exciting Syndicate news? Quests for Arbitors of Hexus? More Clem and Darvo antics?
  • Anything going on with Iron Wake? (the red veil location on Earth)
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When will the infested room (on our ship) be anything that we actually want and use for more than just flu shots? Maybe a medic bay of some sorts with a cool cephalon accompanying it, or do you already have it's purpose down and you can't reveal yet?

Also when is our space captain in purple come back?

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#1 What about scaling level content? - Veterans need this.

#2 What about some sort of ladder system for survival etc.? - Veterans need this.

#3 Thoughts on scaling bounties? - Veterans need this.

#4 Venus Landscape - update?


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