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1 minute ago, GordoFreeman said:

Thus why Ballas said she was trapped in the apostasy prologue, se he set her free

Exactly. I think that those wires were kinda her version of a Transference link. We have the Somatic Link for us and our Warframes. ("Operator! Cut the link!...") I think that she doesn't necessarily have the same type of mental link that we have to our Warframes. In The Second Dream when she carried us, she still had the wires. I think that those are really just to establish some sort of connection. But I can't seem to find out a reasonable explanation for why she was plugged into her throne... Maybe she has to charge the wires? That doesn't make much sense since Sentient don't need to recharge. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is Void Energy around her throne room? (I personally think that was just decoration. DE probably put that in there since they didn't want to make new designs for a bunch of stuff. Or maybe it was Sentient energy? We've seen it on the plains. It looks alot like it.) I dunno. Regardless, I believe that those wires were keeping her connected to Margulis. (However, I don't recall actually seeing the wires plugged into the throne. They were just plugged into her head...) 

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