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Best Place To Level?



I remember it used to be kappa.

Now i see kiste is better cause its the same as kappa but thougher enemies.


Is kiste (ceres) still the best place to level up?

With best i mean the most amount of exp per run.


Kiste atm gives about 62k exp (with a good group)



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Kappa is still better because you can kill them faster even though Kiste have a little higher exp. It is important to note that you should not let any Nova Players join because they are $&*&*#(%& and spams Noob Prime every 3 seconds with stretch mod, resulting in little exp gain due to exp range limit and most of the exp goes into the Nova warframe and the low remaining exp distributed among the weapons used. The only time a NOOB PRIME fast EXP strategy would work is if all four of the players use Nova and spam the hell out of it. I've been grinding 50 runs in Kappa, and lost about 600k of exp from each weapon type because of retard Nova Player that kept spamming  Noob Prime every 2-3 seconds. A normal run without Nova while having double affinity activated (QUAD AFFINITY) lets you gain about 100k exp (not counting the bonus affinity you get at the end of the mission) for each weapon, (130k exp for the specific weapon if you use it very often to kill enemies ). Hence I'll use Vauban and throw bounce on any Nova user at Kappa while holding onto the data mass until they either stop using Noob Prime every 3 second or rage quit.

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