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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3

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Can we also have the interception icon flashing red while enemies are trying to take the tower? Presently it only turned red when enemies has completed taken over the tower. While they are in the midst of taking over the tower, the flashing is so unnoticable.

Cetus wisps... so now we can paused in solo PoE???

Grineer drop pods in PoE not opening still not fixed? This is a mission progressing stopper bug. It should take priority! People will failed their sortie mission if this bug appears during 1 of the 3 PoE sortie missions.

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19 minutes ago, ave_machina said:

Infested tumor - have 2 entries of it for some reason - one complete and one empty. Strongly suspect it's a bug as well.

It's not. I have both entries completed - one with the clouds flying around it and one without. I suspect the one with the clouds is the one from Hive, whereas the one without is the one from Rescue.

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29 минут назад, [DE]Megan сказал:

Replaced the Jupiter-Saturn Junction requirement of ‘defeat the Raptor on Europa’ with ‘complete Baal on Europa’. This is due to the Raptor’s boss fight getting increasingly difficult after his re-work, which created frustration for newer players attempting to unlock the Junction. 

A beginner will make no difference. Sorath still does not pass for them.

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Dear DE,

When are we getting Dual Sword Zaws and other weapon types. I would love to see a brand new Scythe Stance would be appreciated. When making stances please take inspirations from Final Harbinger, Swirling Tiger, Blind Rush, Tempo Royale & Astral Twlight. These new stances aren't very mobile at all in comparison. Would love to see more moving forward and less weird combo commands like what we see in Carving Mantis. There are people in Warframe that respects Melee and all the hard work that is put into stances, not all of us wants to Spin2win like an.... I don't even know why spin attack spam is even allowed in Warframe. <--- Que all The Spin2Pleb Hordes... 

*Why spend all this time developing Stances and impressive move sets to have it all reduced to Spin2win Trash a.k.a Spin Attack Spamming?... Please Give us Players that respect and love Melee some love. All i do in warframe is melee its a great system that needs to be rewarded and not cheesed to death with trivial mechanics. Please support the players that want better stances. It's been years since we've gotten a proper Scythe Stance. When i think Scythes ane how they should perform, I think ESPECIALLY Dante's Inferno OR The last DMC game. And I leave you with a treat for Melee Appreciation down Below :)


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24 minutes ago, -N00blLogh4N- said:

I feel like this is a little bit pointless, because if a new player wants a warframe, but the boss isn't unlocked yet then they'll taxi to the location anyway... But regardless, quality of life!

Can't taxi to Ambulas anyone who doesn't have enough Animo beacons. And I guess the point is making all 3 starter frames easy to obtain.

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31 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:



  • You can now replay the Apostasy Prologue quest in your Codex! (Not that my body is ready for those feels AGAIN)
  • You can now properly waypoint dropped weapon parts/Blueprints.
  • More than doubled the size of the Cetus Wisp pickup radius. This will allow you to obtain the Cetus Wisp from further away instead of needing to be right on top of it.
  • Reduced Vay Hek's zap Magnetic Status to not drain Energy completely.
  • Zaw strike Plague Kripath now uses the default Rapier holster position when used with a one handed Zaw Grip.
  • Itzal Penumbra now turns off sprint toggle so you don't immediately cancel out of the cloak when using it.
  • Plains of Eidolon Sorties are now a string of 3 encounters that must be completed in order to finish the mission.  
  • Items claimed while in the foundry's "In Progress" tab will now stay in the tab until the tab is changed so you can choose to build it again right after.
  • Made improvements towards the dynamic sky in the Plains to reduce sun lens flare popping.
  • Improvements towards enemy navigation throughout the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset.
  • Replaced the Jupiter-Saturn Junction requirement of ‘defeat the Raptor on Europa’ with ‘complete Baal on Europa’. This is due to the Raptor’s boss fight getting increasingly difficult after his re-work, which created frustration for newer players attempting to unlock the Junction. 
  • Tweaked the brightness/visibility of Frost’s Snow Globe in the Plains at night.
  • When browsing Warframes/weapons to equip, you will now see the equipped Skin displayed on the Warframe/weapon icon instead of the default icon. 
  • Optimized away about 250KB of code spread throughout the whole game (over 1% savings!)

Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for all the Quality of Life changes. They're really appreciated.

I know that creating new content is almost always the focus of the team, but refining, polishing and evolving the content that is already present in the game is equally important. Because with 5 years of content, we already have a lot, and while new content is always welcomed, it's also very important to evolve the content already present.

Like all the above and quoted changes. Specially the "Foundry's In Progress" one. I've been waiting for it since I started playing back in November 2013, and it's a very welcomed Quality of Life change. Hopefully in the future DE also considers to add a "Queue" feature, even if only for 1 minute and/or 1 hour items. It's really annoying having to either wait 1 minute till you have built the item, or go to a mission and have to restart the process over and over after every mission. Specially when making large quantities of items like: Ciphers, Squad Restores, Mined Gems, Dyes, etc. This really need to happen!

Hopefully, this year.

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