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Hidden Warframe: Suit


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Just a few minutes ago I wanted to do  the defence mission on Venera, Venus.  when I got in-game I noticed that my Ash warfram didn't load. Intead I saw a white warframe simply titled "Suit". all it could do was walk. It didn't have any powers just a bunch of blocks that said "pwr". my gear didn't load either. ( boltor, kunai and hate) I was stuck in that form and the chat didn't work eiter so I could not ask my squad if they saw me like that too.  Given that it doen't have any powers or weapons I think this is a warframe used for testing movement and or clipping.
I can't find anything on him online. And I failed to take a screenshot since I don't have any software for that.



EDIT: I refer to myself as jukita007 because it is my player name. The resason that I posted this under Nazgull is because he was logged in on my laptop and I didn't notice until I had submitted this.

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