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Warframe Telepath Suggestion


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Making a warframe which is a telepath will be cool.



Making enemies think you are not hostile and seeing you as a grineer, corpus, infested rendered in their minds but not in reality.



Making you control an enemy with your mind (you will simply play as an enemy for 15 seconds)


Supportive Measures:

Making surrounding enemies in a hypnotic state, making them supportive, defensive, and offensive to the Tenno and will turn against the enemies. (grineer, corpus, infested)


Logical Stealth:

Making all enemies not knowing you are there, and making you invisible to them for 15 seconds, (they can also kill each other, similar to nyx's chaos), after turning invisible to their minds and 15 seconds later, this warframe will perform an additional power which you will make them freeze for 10 seconds, making their health and shield lowered into 75%.

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it reminds me of story of Asian guy trapped for years on lone island... who calculated/invented/figured out Pythagorean triple as his own math law... without knowing that it existed and was in use already..


so, how about try out nyx?


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