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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4

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Can we get a mirage damage buff please? Currently with her third ability eclipse even with 323% power strength and a +600% damage "Buff" she only deals about half of that damage, while chroma with a signifigantly lower buff easily outperforms her.

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I still wait for the funbot week chatban fix and mag deluxe tonfa skin breaking telos boltace passive. ):

edit: so you stealth fixed or accidentally fixed the telos boltace passive not working. thank you whatever you did its working now.

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Could the unbounded overlay map have a review? It was awkward before, but it's painful in PoE.
Mini map is too small, overlay map is too big. We need the ability to set map size, location, and bounds - or to provide a 3rd map option that's 2-3x the size of the mini map.

Kuva placement and visibility problems on infested tiles needs some attention

Ability use should not be blocked while fishing spear is equipped

Other issues:
* Range for melee weapons should be listed in game and on wikia.
* Gara's Splinter Storm should not break corpus windows when you run past
* JV docking errors still occur

* Switching to/from operator with a high ping takes several seconds, e.g. 500ms ping taking 5s to switch is unreasonable
* Leaving group at extraction in PoE does not trigger extract - you need to leave the extraction area and come back through the door
* https://forums.warframe.com/topic/886896-warframe-abilities-should-work-on-firbolgs-and-bolkors

QoL improvements:
* Ambient ship + dojo sounds need a separate volume setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Message beep volume should have a separate setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Trade interface needs multi-select, similar to selling for ducats or credits. Current interface is awkward
* Relic enrichment interface is awkward when enriching 10+ - click relic, click radiant, click ok, refresh screen, repeat. This should allow multiple, or at least not reset selection

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1.) Please don't deploy hotfixes/patches during plains night time, we are saving Cetus here!

2.) I am quite convinced that you won't revert that t3 void blast glitch despite many people (myself included) don't like it. Maybe consider reducing this delay and/or just buff this prism damage to compensate

3.) My Plague Kripath rapier still uses sword holsters :<

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Any hopes of fixing the following:

melee finisher animations causing players to slip off of the map

going out and(may not have to be just out) in a frame and then falling out of a map leading to spawning back to where you transferance'd previously


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Is it intended that Zaws don't interact with passives of warframes that benefit certain weapons? Like that of Excalibur and Swords, Dual Swords, Rapiers, and Nikana type weapons getting a small speed and damage boost, for example.

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40 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed upgraded Pet Incubator Segment not putting Pets in Stasis automatically when they're about to die.
    • Please note that we are running a ‘Resurrection Script’ to bring the recently deceased pets back to life. We will let you know when this script has been completed.

damn nekros

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Just completed a Terry hunt with a squad, got to extraction, and waited for the loading process. In the midst of said process host migration occurred, and I was prompted with the lost connection notification return to multiplayer screen dialogue window. Once returned to landing craft I was prompted with the hotfix restart message, okayed it, then checked inventory to see how many sentient cores I got knowing I picked up somewhere between 12-15 in the process of the Terry interaction. My eidolon shards were present, but the cores were reduced to 1 for some reason. it's not the first time I've encountered such a disheartening result, but it can become a bit discouraging after it is repeated roughly every time one completes said hunts. I quit game, restarted, and relogged, checked again, and the same was still the case. I'm not entirely certain on what to make of it, a sign I shouldn't bother with Terry hunts, perhaps? That would kinda suck, but the ever present resulting effects prompt one to consider such to be the case, I'm afraid. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and look into it if you have had the time or inclination to do so.

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Why Operator have now the vanilla set of emotes? And how am I supposed to customize it now?

UPD: It's just a BUG right after the quest. Entering/exiting arsenal fixes it. BUT.


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Gunsen fanning animation needs to be made cancellable please. We are being being shot at while we stand there locked in place doing nothing useful combat wise. that said, I love the fanning animation and want it to play after every attack we do, as long as its immediately cancellable.

can quartakk get its status chance fixed to use the rifle calculation rather than shotgun calcs? or a fire rate buff? and can it please get a shoulder stock? come on its a 4 barrelled rifle, I think a shoulder stock just makes sense on a high caliber gun with 4 simultaneously firing barrels.

corinth reload animation has new shells pop into existence in the shell holder. can we please get void energy effects for it? a simple fade in would be cool, making it more obvious its teleporting in with some void magic. its just looks dodgy right now.

Somachord UI needs some changes. the horizontal list is very space inefficient and forces a lot of scrolling. can we change it to a vertical list? Also some options like 
auto play when we load into ship,and repeat songs would be cool

also can we please play Tennotunes with the somachord? i would happily pay for that feature!

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Thanks for the new updates and all the great fixes :)


Chesa Kubrows and other utility pets are still broken. They refused to use thier precepts around enemies. Since then many community "solutions" have been offered. "Make sure you have the precepts in the right order in your loadout". "Make sure you are not attacking enemies as your pet will start attacking and overwrite its own priorites in favor of killing". None of these fixed the issue. Take my Chesa for example, it's neutralize mod is not useless as it won't active when there are no enemies and when there are enemies my kubrow just attacks enemies instead of disarming them. Kavats are proof that this is a bug or broken freature as they use thier non combat functions while enemies are nearby. Please DE fix my utility kubrows.

On that subject, Pets in general are just plain unbalanced compaired to setinials. I know, I know. you've all heard this a million times.. But i'm posting it again becuase nothing has been done about it. 

Lets look at Setinials first:

  • Can be obtained almost right out of the gate when starting a new account
  • Cheap to make (no incubator or rare resource farming needed)
  • No wait times or resources needed to switch between compainions
  • No stat degredation over time while compainion is out
  • No Resource upkeep
  • More focused on Utility compared to Pets
  • Always stay by your side and don't get stuck on easily manuvarable parts of the map
  • Can revive you
  • Are easier to kill than pets and connot be healed as easily
  • only have a set number of "revives" before they are dead for the mission

Next Pets:

  • Take longer to get as you need to complete a quest for kubrows and then must make it to the derelict to get Kavats
  • Require Much for prerequiste work to get, the above quest to obtain equipment to use pets, Special rare drops only found at 1 location for each pet type (eggs for kubrows/Genetic codes for kavats)
  • 3 hour wait times to switch in between pets (or 30 min if you can the resources for the "upgrade") or you can use plat or credits(upgraded) to "rush" it
  • Stat degredation for eqipped compainion which result in loss of compainion if you don't have the upgrade
  • Resource upkeep required to keep compainion alive/battle worthy
  • More focused on combat with pets having higher damage and combat abilites than setinials
  • AI cuases pets to glitch out on terrain or not even follow you period which makes them less useful for combat or utility
  • Cannot revive you
  • Are harder to kill as they have more health and can be healed by player more easily
  • Can be revived an unlimited number of times during mission

While the Hunter mod pack has made it possible for pets to now heal you, bringing them one step closer to rivialing setinials. That is so sad that we need a mod pack that hinders our already exsisiting builds to help our pets closer to a substitute for setinials. Pets are a late game compainion, harder to get, required resources to keep going, and yet they are worthless both in and out of mission compained to setinials. Yes, Pets are more combat focused and do more damage and survive longer, but that does not redem that amount of work or time spend into getting and maintaining them/ using them. The utility pets are worse than setinials in every way besides survivability since they don't use thier precepts, and even if they did. don't don't match up to hte setinials due to the sub part pathing AI for pets.

Please DE, please. Buff Pets!! Atleast the Utility Kubrows.. fix those. either that or remove all this "end game requirements/resources sinks" from them as they are currently not worth it.


As of right now the only Pet i use is my Smeeta kavat as she still uses her precepts, she strips armor, and she can heal me. plus doing tons of damage. She make all the resources and time and grind worth the price both in aquiring and maintaining her.. the other kavat is good as well as striping armor is still availible, The Charger Kubrow also uses his precepts and does great damage so he makes the price more barable. But the other Pets aren't worth it they have been collect dust ever since early Febuary 2016 when chesa's were somewhat new and you Changed how kubrow utility precepts worked.. in that they don't.

And now with the upcomming addition of Khora, the cat tamer, kubrows and other pets take an even greater fall into the useless depths. As Khora's 3rd ability grants her a, limited time, fully functionaly and modable Kavat that is even commandable. While still all other pets need constant resource dumps to stay with you. 

I am terribly sorry for rambling on and on. But this is important to me. I've worked hard and long to get these pets and all but one aren't useful to me. Please DE Help.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this,

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