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Kestrel Suggestions


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I personally love the Kestrel. BUT.....


It feels like such a neglected weapon. Its animation set doesn't fit it. (Glaive animations.....for a boomerang? COMON)

And on top of that its sheathed animation is just horrible. tbh the way it looks it looks like it would fold in half, but instead it just folds the two sides making a weird box shape.


If you Folded it just once it would look so much better sheathed. and its orientation even now for being sheathed is off by quite a bit.


The throw and block animation make no sense either but are easy to deal with. even the animation set I can give you a pass for. but please, PLEASE make it simply fold in half once instead of the current 3 part fold which looks so sloppy.


Am I the only one who feels this way? Let DE know how you feel, all opinions are welcome.



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