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Weaopns And Levels



sir new guys here!

1.) aside from the rank(gold initiate = level 3), is their any other form of level here? coz i thought the rank of your frame was your level but i noticed that its max was only 30. and when you look at the missions, below the faction you'll see a level range and some exceeds level 30.

2.) aside from the basic stats of weapons and the mods you put into them, does the damage of the weapons increase as you level its affinity? or weapons like the MK1-BRATON becomes obsolete over time?

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1.) Your rank is effectively your level, the level range you see on the mission selection is the level of the enemies you will be up against.


2.) No the stats do not increase as the weapon levels up.

     As to weapons becoming obsolete there comes a point where anything without innate AP/AI becomes obsolete because enemy scaling is broken.


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Your mastery rank and equipment levels do not mean ANYTHING in relation to enemy levels.

mLevels (mob levels) indicate their HP, Armor, damage -- base statistics

eLevels (equipment levels) indicate how many mods they can hold

Mastry Rank indicates your account progression and is used for unlocking certain weapons and frames (Rhino and Acrid for example)

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