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What's Your Build For Rhino ?



Hey guys, ! I'm a Rhino user, and I want opinions about Rhino builds and Playstyle. 

This is my Current Build: 


Siphon Aura: Full

Rhino Charge: Full

Roar: Full

Iron Skin: Full

Rhino Stomp: Full 


Redirection: 10 

Vitality: 10

Flow: Full

Streamline: Full

Focus: Full

Continuity: Full


This is like a support build, Siphon Aura helps me out to have Roar and Iron Skin always up, and Rhino Stomp anytime I want.

I don't Use Rifle Amp Aura or Steel Charge Aura because now Im using Hek and for melee im using Hate (For charge attacks) 

Please help me out !  

Thank you for reading :) 


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Rifle Amp increases damage dealt by all primary weapons not just rifles, The name and description of it is very misleading though. 

and My Build Normally is


Rhino Charge - Max

Iron Skin - Max

Roar - Max

Rhino Stomp - Max


Rifle amp - Max


Streamline - Max

Flow - Max

Stretch - Max

Focus - Max

Redirection - 10

Vitality - 8

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My Support-Tank:


1. Iron Skin;

2. Roar;

3. Rhino Stomp.



Vitality - rank 8;

Redirection - rank 8;

Steel Fiber - rank 8;

Flow - rank 3
Focus - max;

Stretch - max;

Streamline - max.

+Thrak Helm.


And i wanna change Aura Polarity for Siphon bar.




Ogris - for Endless Defense.

Flux Rifle.





TwiPers (Twin Vipers)

Bronco Prime





Fragor (Light Melee) for stuns.


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I dont use Rhino Charge. ES / Corrosive Projection / Rejuv Aura.


Abilities on all Setups:

Rhino Stomp R3

Roar R3

Iron Skin R3


Used On All Setups:

Streamline 5

Focus 5


"Roar" Spec - Defenses

Continuity 5

Constitution 5

Stretch 5

Redirection 10

Flow 5


"Nightmare" Spec

Rush 5

Stretch 5

Vital 10

Steel Fiber 10

Redirection 10


"Normal" Spec

Rush 5

Stretch 5

Redirection 10

Flow 5

Constitution 5

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Rifle amp because I use Hek/Lanka, and Continuity/Constitution for keeping Roar longer aswell as having crazy distance Rhino charge.


Streamline and Flow for obvious reasons, and Vitality/Steel Fiber for tankyness.



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