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Warframe Cosplay


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One of my favroute ways to demonstrate my support for any game/film/cartoon is to cosplay as characters from it, so my question why not warframe too?

Basically i'm planning to cosplay as loki at a future MCM Expo (London) and i was hoping for advice on how to go about it.

My current plans are to buy a cheap trench coat to use as a base for the costume, please give me your thoughts on this

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Cool, make sure you get some pictures of it, obviously.


I don't do and am not too interested in cosplay but it's always nice to see it.


Check this out http://www.youtube.com/show/projectcosplay for some possible ideas/inspiration. It's sponsored(?) by RED5 (the developers of Firefall) but has non-Firefall related cosplay as well.


The trenchcoat sounds like a good start. Not sure how much skill or experience you have with embroidery or crafting this sort of stuff and I am in no way knowledgeable in it to give any advice. Personally I'd probably just try to find some sort of paint for clothes to get those patterns Loki has.

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Hey guys and girls its UPDATE (on the costume) TIME!!! =)

I have received the base ill be using for the costume

The base ill be using is cheap dressing gown from a chinese shop

Unfortunately im unable to show a photo at the moment :'(

Looking forward to seeing it =)

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Already thought about doing a saryn, looks if it you'll have to build the armour in seperate pieces, i checked out that guys volt costume it's not bad. He should have bondo'ed that helmet a bit more to smooth it all out hide all the seam lines and S#&$.

Looks like you should be using a body suit aka a zentai or TK undersuit would work well. (storm trooper for the non costume people) i'd say make a cast of your chest to get the armour fit right.

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