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Ignis - No Dot?


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So I just rank my Ignis to rank 30 and it doesn't seem to have a DoT associated with it, or if it does it's barely noticeable. I would think I if I was spraying hot liquid fire on objects that it would burn for awhile longer.


Currently enemies only seem to take damage when I'm holding down the trigger. I think the Ignis would be better if I could flame a few guys then walk away and let them burn to death.


I feel the Ignis should be a fire (pun intended) and forget weapon. It needs a much bigger and/or longer DoT associated with it and the ability to hit multiple targets.

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I've heard that it does not have any dot AND that it can only hit a single target at a time? (Though it may not be like that anymore)

If that's true then it needs a buff, or rather a change.


This is still true, its a continuous flame at a single target with no DoT.


I think it needs a DoT and the ability to hit multiple targets, even if that means the base damage is lowered a tad bit.


The only thing useful about it is, once you start flaming, if you have a shade sentinel with you, it will stealth you and you can continue flaming, but hat's about it.

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Metal Auger does wonders for the ignis, but you can't rely on it to do everything.


The weapon is severely weakened by the armor mechanics, making almost all enemies simply immune to fire past a certain level.


You'd be better off using the flux, since it has AI and is much clearer to use.

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