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Suggestion: Lower The Energy Usage Of Some Mobility Skills


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TL;DR: 10 energy for Switch Teleport, Teleport and future non-damaging mobility/displacement skills


Best mobility skill for me so far is still and will always be Super Jump. With its 10 energy base consumption, you can shoot while in mid air, escape an infested mob train in an instant, go over obstacles or find various vantage points with ease. Now with the inclusion of the Heavy Impact mod and Pendragon Helmet, it's one of the cheapest damaging skills to date (10 energy is low as it is, strap on a streamline mod + a 300 energy pool, you can go on jumping on low level infested mobs like goombas for lulz).


Why the suggestion? As I have mentioned, I do believe many will agree that it's one of the best skills out there as far as energy consumption and overall use is concerned while other skills of the same type ("mobiliy" as I deem fit to label) have a higher energy consumption whilst having some issues or I find some tweaking would be do them much of a needed limelight.

- Loki's Switch Teleport 25 energy (18 with max streamline)

Looking at it on how it fits the game's lore and "logic", comparing this with super jump, it does take more of an effort to teleport a target to your point and switch to the target's position simultaneously. But then again I think 25 is still high for this one as with all of the Loki users (I myself included) will save my energy pool mainly for Invisibility (50, 35 with max streamline) , some for decoy or radial disarm (but most likely a 300 energy pool for invi, while quite a few will have switch tele on)

For a single target, no damage skill imho 25 is quite big. The same goes for the next one...


- Ash's Teleport 25 energy (18 with max streamline) 

Sticking to in game mechanics, for a 25 energy teleport that has a certain degree of delay after teleporting, this too imho should be lessened. Instant "teleport" is already apparent with Nova's wormhole (75 energy) having a maxed ranked WH gives you 4 uses of the said skill, basically having 4 frames "teleport" to a point for 25 energy less. It's good where it stands, given the range, the number of uses and how it's not enemy reliant as far as teleporting is concern compared to switch teleport and teleport respectively. (To add, using wormhole has very little to no delays compared to teleport)


While I do get how a player uses the skills and manages his/her energy pool plays a factor, my main thought is why can't be these two be like Super Jump? Both don't do damage, they are enemy-reliant or target-reliant. I'll go ahead and say "Yes, some people manage with it and use it well" but that doesn't mean it doesn't need a tweak on energy consumption. I'd like to suggest to make it 10 energy as well, it's not game breaking (excluding future emergent gameplay as to how I perceive things) as again, both don't do any damage (not comparing it to the super jump + heavy impact mod) but with the current energy consumption rates and comparing them with other skills of the same energy pool of 25/use, I think it's not justified enough.


Sub-mobility skills that do damage (having the same 25 energy pool consumption)

- Dash Slash


This skill even synchs well with super jump as we all know. For 25 energy we get displacement from point A to point B and a damage burst

- Rhino Charge


Much like dash slash with a knockdown



Tenno community, what do you think as a collective? :)

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