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As A New Nova Convert, My Thoughts.


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(wall of text inc.)

Less then 24 hours ago I began to do Raptor runs to get Nova. I was a saryn main, but I have a frost prime and a newly acquired banshee, both of which I find quite fun.


I collected my helmet and chassis for Nova in less then 3 runs, and immediately began building both. Then on my 5th or 6th run I got my systems and logged off for the night, after I began to build them of course. The next morning I began to play (I rushed the build with plat once the components were done.)Nova and according to the game (84 hours 30 minutes and 14 minutes played, 4% of which has been played with Nova) I have gotten her to rank 30, and potatoed her (I put in the potato around level 21).


So if my memory and Warframe's stat tracker correct, I acquired, and maxed out a frame in less then a day.





Most of the missions I did were Xini, Kappa, and Io.

I have maxed out all the ability  mods (focus, continuity, stretch, flow, streamline) and I used a potatoed boltor and orthos  for the first 20 levels, but have been leveling a hek and a kunai (no taters here folks) in her later levels.


Does anybody else share a similar experience? IMO this is a tad ridiculous I blew through leveling her up. Hell with Saryn it took me a couple days of playing to have her hit 30.


Not saying we should nerf Nova, but maybe this situation is odd, or due to the higher level enemies there is more exp going round in general.


On a recent Kappa run (3 man run, I was level 30, 26 Hek, 19 Kunai)

I made 89k exp.

The hell DE.




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just to clarify, we are currently in a DE hosted event, double affinity weekend, until tuesday at 12 noon.


next order of business


So if my memory and Warframe's stat tracker correct, I acquired, and maxed out a frame in less then a day.

i took my nova from 0 noob unused at all to rank 30, forma, and to 30 again inside of 2 hours. i think i was around the 1:45 ish area.

(again, giving thanks to the double affin weekend)

but do take note. nova's mole prime is a chain reaction skill. and using a rank 0 nova, max energy siphon, and a tater, u'll find urself with 14 mod pts. all u gotta do is drop in mole prime and stretch, run out about 10 waves of xini or something. go back to loadout with ur newly re-ranked 12 nova and add flow and focus and run 25 waves (as i did) and to be exact, u'd end up somewhere around the rank 36 ish area. well, max is 30 so it's just wasted, but that was my process and why it was so easy. nova's ult is a chain reaction. if u have high enough range, wiping out 3/4 the map is cake.


although, i will be honest, i do feel her mole prime range needs to be nerfed just a hair (ffs not a lot, but "just a hair") because with max stretch, she far outreaches every other frame i have - and i have all except frost prime and regular excal (i have frost and excal prime so i doubt there's much difference)


edit: ninja posts on double affin lmao

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