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Mag: Put Points In Crush...why?



According to the Warframe wiki...adding points to the Crush ability is pointless. Range & damage are fixed at 12 meters & 1000 dmg respectively. these values are only changed by modding (Focus & Stretch) and by using the Coil Helm (+25% range). So why would a player add points to the Crush ability? Am I missing something?

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According to the Warframe wiki...


Well there's your problem right there. Leveling Crush increases its range, according to the in-game tooltip. I see no reason to disbelieve the game itself (barring a recent change being overlooked), whereas the unofficial wiki is quite unreliable.


Edit: So I popped over to the wiki page real quick, where Crush's range is listed as X/X/X/12. That doesn't mean 12 for all levels, that means the lower ranks haven't been tested yet.

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i don't have the game up atm, but i believe the tooltip for the skill says that upgrading increases it's range, and from what i've seen in game with it, i have no reason to argue.

i could be wrong and was sitting in a place where i could see it's effects better, but it's my belief that the tooltip is correct.


edit: 404 ninja posted me :P
also - the wiki is put together by players and users, so it's not exactly "official" and in no way has exact information provided by DE unless someone like u or i or joe randomguy copy/pastes it.

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You read it wrong. The "X/X/X/12" written on wiki doesn't mean it's 12 for every rank. X is just a placeholder because no one has put in an actual range for the first three ranks yet.


Try reading it like this.

Rank: 0/1/2/3

Range: X/X/X/12

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