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Chronicles of Loki

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Been a daily "Warframer" since Thanksgiving 2017, yea I am hooked.  Started with Excalibur, built Loki, Rhino, and Oberon.  Probably a two month learning curve with Excalibur (excellent frame BTW) then heavy concentration on Loki.  Not so serious about the other two I use them to speed up MR primarily.  I'll be at MR 8 in a day or so, my main strategy so far is to use new weapons as a means to speed up MR+Forma time, on Defense waves, Alerts, Survival, and many fissure runs.  Plat has not been an issue, I am a natural trader.  Ive spent a total of maybe $20 on plat since Nov last year, all cosmetics and a few mods.  Loki is my pride and joy at the moment.  My main weapons Galatine, Rubico, and Akmagnus.  All three very effective and single hit instant death on 20-25 level Void missions.  Akmagnus is most effective on Grineer, they drop quicker than I can shoot. 

A little about my runs with Loki, he is fast, agile, cloaked, and disarms.  Check out my screen shots for exact stats.  Im usually stealth 99% of the map unless farming.  The Kubrow cloaks me if I am unaware of enemy activity.  My favorite room clearing strategy is to concentrate many in a small hallway or room, then disarm and unload with the three guns, or use Blood Rush with the Galatine.  Recently I have been using the #1 ability to gather enemy in a concentrated area for sniper kill streaks.  Loki is a great Sniper.  If there is a legit Sniper on this Game its gotta be Loki.  I prefer to play with new players(MR 1-7), more or less because they are motivated to play the same maps I am.

I enjoy experimenting with mod arrangements, seeing what works well, what doesn't so much.  I'm always looking for my next Primary, using Galatine as a safety net while leveling up new weapons.  My favorite destinations being The Void and Ceres.  I have two Kubrow one for attack + stealth the other one for resources.   I have Prisma Shade, DethCube, and of course Artax, I prefer the Attack Kubrow because of stealth and 850+ slash.  Please feel free to check out my mods and let me know if you have any suggestions, I am very open to advise or ideas.  I avoid the plains like the plague(older laptop).  Wish list includes [Primed Flow][Primed Galatine][Harrow] and a MR 7 Rifle that I forgot the name of.  Looking forward to seeing Loki Primed Unvaulted in the next few months, drop a few plat and wouldn't hesitate to do so.










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I also play a lot while stealthed. You might want to consider, in no particular order:

Zakti - imo current best secondary

Orthos prime - with reach, covers whole corridor widths and lets you move fast too

Coaction drift- with energy syphon, never run out of energy

Your 1.8+ sprint speed is impressive- how's it feel?

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