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Instant Death On Being Downed? Maybe Intentional.


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So I was recently playing a game with two other players. <sarc>Lucky us</sarc>, we had a stalker and there was the other two players weren't communication as to who got the stalker much less the fact they were running around doing their own thing. Oh and there's the 1/2 shields due to the environment debuff.


The Stalker spawns and we try to get the drop on him. Alas no luck...he kills his presumed mark. Now he's after the rest of us. As I'm about to die, my Shade fortunately has be ghosted and I try to throw down Blessing. Alas luck is not with me and Stalker manages to hit my last known position or a stray shot somewhere hits me.


I suspect stalker as I insta-died...none of the whole "dying" and someone can bring me back up. So I revive and we "kill" the stalker.


Continue rest of the mission painfully with just one other player as the other one dropped. Host constantly "dies" and I get them back on their feet. Finally I die and boom....just...dead.


The only thing I can think of...is I was trying to pick up the host when I got downed....


Is this a bug or by design? It was like as if I died on a solo mission so it didn't count-down til my death.


In any case, it worked as I revived and got the host back up...again.

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