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XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (LIVE!)


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18 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Xbox One Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (In Cert!) 


  • ….tons of fixes and changes! 

We will update this thread with information on the build status when we have it - thanks!

Not sure why you don't enumerate these tons of fixes and changes. So I went through the PC hotfix notes for 22.8.0, 22.8.01, 22.8.2, and 22.8.1 and sadly didn't see fixes for ANY of the below.  Do devs look at the bug reports from consoles? or just pcs?

  • Persistent hud visual glitches/artifacts - missing targetting reticle, blue dots/artifacts persisting VIDEO: https://youtu.be/T1z3XJYXs0E VIDEO 2: https://youtu.be/s160eJCMb3M
  • Host migration loading bounty due to host's game crashing will result in remaing squad members loading onto plains with no bounty
  • Archwing launchers deployed on grineer ramps can result in player getting stuck in the ramp
  • Getting knocked out of archwing can result in warframe movement restricted to archwing-like movement
  • Game crashing results in bounties no longer being indicated as to which you have already completed
  • Cetus gates can be stuck open even though nothing has loaded on the other side. Player can walk through the blackhole and fall down the map.
  • Animations (like slash proc, or harrows circle created when he does his 4th) can get stuck on for the duration of the mission - the proc is gone but the blood keeps splattering
  • Flashing blue animation on tenno/warframe from picking up snowballs dropped by vomulysts can get stuck on
  • Occasionally need to void dash 2x and have warframe touch bubble both times to activate zenurik energy regen
  • Host migration on the plains can get stuck in infinite host migration
  • Operator PoA/PoI is off (point of aim/point of impact) - Amps hit significantly below aim point
  • Zenistar will not be deployable (And will show zenistar in hand even if primary weapons is equipped and I can shoot my primary)
  • Zenistar will occasionally show countdown timer indicating it is deployed when it is not
    • - Generally happens if Zenistar is deployed, then go to operator, then return to Warframe however in this video you can see it shows it deploys on my first attempt, and the timer is there, but its not deployed.  Second swing gets it out (Which actually should have pulled back 1st attempt) https://youtu.be/GoBpMvr9Des
    • It actually disappears - https://youtu.be/ABViwdpJqygYou can see in video when first deployed it actually damages enemies on the stairs to the right of the defense terminal, When I leave the room and return and its gone although timer still shows its active. Second video cap https://youtu.be/qaT86gyq5Gostarted a few seconds later which overlaps first video shows me re-deploying it -- where if it were actually deployed as the HUD indicated, the action should have been to pull it back.  (Should go without saying the only reason I left the room is to get that stupid convergence orb that shouldnt' even be a thing)
  • Armoured Vault Bounty dialog gets confused.  UPDATE: Video of her confused again (no failure at least) https://youtu.be/HTlSalVB9QE
    • I picked it up and put it in Machine. Lotus said "They dropped the datamass"
    • put datamass in machine lotus says "Good now defend.." then she said "They dropped the datamass" (for the second time).  Then she said "We're too late" as if I had decided to skip an incursion.
    • Completed Defense ignoring lotus and her addled brain, and continued with the next bounty mission.
  • Kicked back to Cetus while loading plains after selecting a bounty on matchmaking public.  Got host migration as doors were opening (I assume the host's game crashed). Had to reselect bounty, and re-approach doors.  At which point of course my game crashed.
  • No dialog from operation plague star after selecting bounty from Konzu - i see the text at the bottom that presumably he or lotus should be saying but don't hear anything. (The text about vay hek having enough toxin but wanting to see it flourish)
  • Eidolon lures occasionally fail to prevent Terralyst from teleporting - fully charged and linked.
  • Eidolon lures occasionally fail to capture Terralyst - fully charged and linked, but he doesn't drop shards or the rest of the loot from the lures that should pop.  Sometimes you get regular but not brilliant, somtimes you get nothing
  • Eidolon lures stop functioning after Host migration (since i only do hunts in pre-made squads I know the host migration is always from host game crash not a rage quit).  The lures are fully charged but end up with an effect similar to if they had been hit with Volts overcharge. you can have them follow, hold position, but they will not capture or tether a Terralyst and you have to get new ones.
  • Can't hold RB to select multiple cores when trading sentient cores for standing to Quills. Have to keep hitting bumper button 100+ times.  Which is bad enough but worse on XBox given the frailty of the bumper buttons to begin with. Please allow us to hold it down the way you can increment other similar quantity selection like donating resources to clan/selecting mods etc.
  • After Transferring back to warframe from operator, the next button presses will behave as if you are activating warframe ability rather than melee/jump/etc so you can't jump, bullet jump, melee or anything until you transfer back to operator AGAIN, then back to warframe.  This bug existed before PoE and continues.
  • Jordas spore hitbox can still end up somewhere above and to the side of him resulting in properly placed spores exploding. This existed before PoE, has improved since the Docking issue was fixed, but still persists.
  • Insta-failed Capture Bounty - Was doing capture the target bounty. 
    • Entered Yellow objective area and immediately bullet-jumped/sprinted to center of circle
    • Lotus marked Capture target (was approximately 250meters away at about 11 O'Clock in the yellow circle assuming I entered the yellow circle at 6 O'Clock
    • Lotus immediately informs me I failed.  I then went to about where I figured the capture target spawned and they would have either spawned right at the edge of the yellow area, took two steps and was out of it, or they spawned outside the yellow area to begin with.  In any event, even a max range Nova could not have teleported to target fast enough.
  • Insta-succeeded rescue the prisoner bounty - this may not be a bug but is probably not what the devs intended: Video: https://youtu.be/2chpdJkelEE
    • Killed guards
    • Hacked collar
    • Immediately finished as the destination to which I was to escort the prisoner was exactly where I hacked his collar.
  • Eliminate Enemies Bounty - enemies don't spawn where she places markers and results in a wild goose chase.  Generally better off either ignoring Lotus completely or just going randomly around the plains looking for grineer to kill.  Lotus will also place new markers faster than you can even get to the first one she places (not that it matters since no enemies spawn on the markers)
  • Accepting an invite from someone who is on the plains, when I am in Cetus will result in the ship flying animation then me ending up back in the orbiter.  
  • Throwing fishing spear while on Ivara dashwire takes 3+ seconds to actually fire whereas when standing on land it takes < 1 second
  • Empty Grineer Turret Keeps shooting VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fLZhC9Hcg7s
  • Octavia's Metronome is blinding on the plains at night VIDEO: https://youtu.be/txIy46dCVzA
  • Fish Swim under the land VIDEO: https://youtu.be/StTiTPOWIsY
  • Bait falls through the map VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8JI0XF7jSk8
  • Exiting Jordas on stage 3 of JV as your operator results in mini arching (i.e. you have a crazy zoomed out view of yourself)
  • Occasionally returning to ship from a mission, navigation console is not available (can't press X near it to activate, can't choose it from the menu). Other machines like foundry/arsenal/market work.  Have to restart WF to get it back.  Fairly rare bug but happened again 12/4/2017 after failing Sortie 1 while trying to it operator only

Post December 5th: Hotfix #2! (All prior bugs still exist and some of these probably existed before the hotfix as well)

  • Fighting Terralyst ... two man squad, hadn't started battle just hacked first lure - my (host) game crashed, other player got host migration which took him back into cetus rather than right next to the Terralyst we were fighting
  • Entering Capture Bounty type as operator and switch back to Warframe once in yellow circle insta-fails mission (https://youtu.be/AauEr6AqSUc)
  • Fully charged and previously linking Lures fail to link to Terralyst resulting in lost Brilliant Shard because the Lures couldn't traverse the teleport distance before sunrise although we kill him succesfully (https://youtu.be/W-RnDXD7fxQ
  • Another fully charged, linked and previously working lure fails to stop him teleporting https://youtu.be/I_mk__61tYI (12/7/2017)
  • Lures vanish before eidolon (Sunrise NEARS its not HERE - they should stay.  Cost us a brilliant shard as we killed him but they had already vanished. https://youtu.be/OeNdsIw7ALo
  • Brilliant shard hides in treetop https://youtu.be/nQuAyCET6CU - this is why we need more vacuum and better markers for shards/cores.
  • Yet another lure failure - both lures clearly tethered. No brilliant shard. https://youtu.be/K6Mcup-e6v4
  • Session errors joining player on plains - shows flying then returned to ship. I end in ship, other player is on plains but we are in same squad https://youtu.be/_2vJG7Lpk7s 12/8/2017)
  • 3:40EST 12/8/2017 Night session only lasted 20 minutes
  • Three man squad selecting bounty. Two wait by door. Third person leaves squad (not the host). The other two spawn into plains but the selected bounty is not active.  One of players in chat said if anyone ever leaves squad before plains is loaded, the remaining players load into a free-roam not the bounty they had selected.


  • Magnetic procs in water in middle of the day (50 minutes into the 100  minute day cycle) - Reported by others as well (not in my squad).  https://youtu.be/0IPcGSRxrRg
  • Falling into water results in endless respawn. /Unstuck doesn't do anything. Only way out was to quick-time a void dash. Where then in operator screen kept going black as warframe (but not operator) respawned https://youtu.be/Lr2AXn0g-08
  • Incursion after Level 5 bounty glitched: Supply sabotage - no supply beacon to pick up. Timer expires but bounty doesn't. Leaving objective doesn't fail bounty. https://youtu.be/NkEHLOGPd5s


  • Drahk Kubrow Fur Pattern doesn't work with other attachments and armor:
    • Party hat glitches through head
    • No armor sets work at all (they show up in preview only)
  • Taking a Kubrow out of statis before the animation for putting a Kavat back in results in an abomination coming out (not sure if my capture catches where I took my kubrow out or not) Putting abomination back in statis, then taking kubrow out again makes him normal again.


  • Yet more tethered Terralysts Teleporting.  Again the lures tether extends 600 meters to the new teleport location from where we were doing battle.  Also the Magnetic Proc warning comes AFTER the teleport and in the new location. - Still happening as of 12/22/2017


  • Mission Summary screen is wrong. Did 1 hr survival on Uranus. Summary reports 1 mod, a few relics, and credits.  NO resources etc.  Yet Stats section reports 3356 pickups and 124 "upgrades".  And throughout mission i saw I was getting plastids/mods/poly bundles. I believe I DID actually get the drops etc, as I THINK i had <700k poly bundles before the mission and more than 700k after - So it was just the left and middle summary panels that are wrong. Tried to record video but it came out all black for some reason.


  • Occasionally when selecting a different weapon or warframe in the arsenal, the visible selections are not scrolling with the actual selected item.  So for example it might show the "A..." weapons like amprex, argonok etc.. on the left, but as I scroll up and down the actual selected weapon is down the list off the screen.   Once I get the selected weapon into the visible area (by pressing up repeatedly until I'm actually selected on a visible item), the scrolling of the selection screen starts working properly.


  • kuva mission - Assasinate the jackal - all legs destroyed but he refuses to drop down so can't shoot head.  Forced to abort mission.  Bug existed before PoE and still persists.


  • Charged but unused lures during eidolon hunt will follow you back to extraction and wait for you to re-enter the plains.  You can then instruct them to follow you back out for the next hunt.  They will latch on graphically to the eidolon but will not prevent him from teleporting.

Post 22.5.1

  • "they dropped the datamass" dialog still repeating during bounty missions after you've already picked it up.
  • zenistar kills dont count toward melee kills/damage dealt while in Tenno form
  • Spy data purging started before entering the spy area.  Kuva Flood mission, Terminal "C" . No warning from Lotus that it had started purging, and obviously no "you are approaching the ..." warning as I had not yet approached the spy area.
  • Operator behaved as if no AMP was equipped.  Doing Hydron - Loki, Astilla, no secondary or melee, Carrier Prime, Sweeper Prime. Public match. Not host. Granmu prism, "hoses them down" scaffold, no idea on brace - maybe crit chance one?  Had already been guilded but was R[0] at mission start.Any time I switched to operator the only thing I could do was void blast - could not use amp at all.  However it showed the amp levelling up as teammates killed enemies.


  • Still an issue where committing a pool size increase shows |AMOUNT| where i think its supposed to show the amount you are increasing the pool size


 * the network connection to the host has been lost you will be returned to the main menu. Playing invite only mode by myself.  I lost connection to myself? WTF.  right at the end of a syndicate mission too where i wasted all the time exploring an overly large map for the stupid marks.


1/4, 1/5

  • And the lures continue to fail - fully charged, right next to him and he teleports anyway or fails to get captured.  A particularly painful two days where we had 7 failures in 20 runs. 


Multiple issues doing JV:

  • Repeated Zenistar issues which I and other have posted many times where the disc will not deploy, unable to shoot or switch weapons etc.
  • Got stuck on hack terminal twice - once as tenno on one terminal, once as warframe on another - both times after successfully hacking the terminal I was unable to disconnect from it. /unstuck did nothing and had no option other than to wait until some infested came along and killed me.


  • Kuva Mars Capture: Kuva machine spawned 5m underground.  Made it very hard to see which way kuva was coming from since I couldn't see the braids.  On the flip side, it made capturing the kuva really easy since the kuva couldn't go through the ground to the kuva siphon and just collected above it. - Happned again 1/10/2018 on same tile on Mars Ara Kuva capture (tile in "corridors" where its a 4 way intersection).  Have video of this as well but with no indication of DE reviewing these issues i'm not going to bother to go through the effort of copying it, sharing it, getting link etc. waste of time.


  • No focus points awarded.  Doing sortie 2 today (uranus sabotage). Picked up 2nd convergence orb and proceeded to go ham on enemies - killed around 40 of them during convergence orb duration.  All weapons and warframe had focus lens installed. When convergence expired it said "0" points awarded which was confirmed in mission summary screen. Daily cap was not reached (still had ~75,000 points to go).   Focus was awarded on the first and third convergence orb.


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2 HUGE GLITCHES in warframe that i dont think DE knows about. The ZENISTAR glitching and breaking your warframe and weapons. You cant pick up ammo,energy, or health. You cant switch weapons anymore or reload properly. It has happened to my friends and i over 15 times in missions over 25 minutes. Also SHADE glitches out your warframe where body parts go invisible and sometimes doesnt let you pick up ammo,energy or health. Please DE fix this.. the zenistar just started doing this not too long ago and shade has been doing this for years.

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2 minutes ago, (Xbox One)DoC HoLiiiDaY said:

2 HUGE GLITCHES in warframe that i dont think DE knows about. The ZENISTAR glitching and breaking your warframe and weapons. You cant pick up ammo,energy, or health. You cant switch weapons anymore or reload properly. It has happened to my friends and i over 15 times in missions over 25 minutes. Also SHADE glitches out your warframe where body parts go invisible and sometimes doesnt let you pick up ammo,energy or health. Please DE fix this.. the zenistar just started doing this not too long ago and shade has been doing this for years.

The zenistar glitch  - actually several of them - came with PoE and have been posted on many times.   There is no excuse for DE to NOT know about it - but haven't seen any fixes or statements from them.

Not sure about the shade glitch - the warframe head failing to come back after going invisible has been around for a long time and wasn't just limited to Shade but also the old naramon, huras, etc..

Not picking stuff up seems to be lag related - and not specific to shade afaik.

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41 minutes ago, (Xbox One)Jimmy Voorhees said:

well that's garbage. maybe DE should play test their content better so they ddn't waste player's time and resources.

YOU chose to Forma that, YOU chose to put your time into it. I don't know what this change does, frankly I don't care, never cared for that Frame to begin with. What I do know is, I'm sure you can find a way to make it work. 

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