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PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (LIVE!)


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12 hours ago, (PS4)JORDIMSX said:

Master angler. Only 10 fish? Is it a joke? It should be 1000 fish. Let others learn the ways of a relaxing fishing day.

I found a nice relaxing island to fish on while drinking whatever wine did survive all these years in wireframe, no enemies to bother you as much, even at night, if I could I'd set up a beach chair there just to relax even more.

but right now I can't relax until the date of update 22.8.whatever is revealed.

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26 minutes ago, (PS4)iliusha911 said:

it's just skins why it was so difficult to add to this update ... I was so waiting for them ..

I think it’s because they just came out for PC, so they didn’t have the time to squeeze it in.

But that’s ok! There’s so much to do with this new update! Just be patient!

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 I was really looking forward to focus 2.5, I might already have enough to stop Focus forming at with that new  system... RIP Gaara though.   Her four needs to at least have an invulnerable phase to stack up damage for scaling reasons similar to snow globe and iron skin upon initial cast.

This patch pushes consoles over the edge to mr25 as well we're just 4800 points off.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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