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Why are we still waiting forever on UMBRA?

it's been almost 3 years now since you first promised we would get it in game in the global build. Doesn't anyone think this is long enough?

I mean it's been out 3 days on the other version of Warframe, yet the build we have still doesn't get anything but clips of cinema and a picture and promises of coming soon at Tennocon. Last I checked Tennocon was Back in the beginning of July 2017 and we are literally in the middle of Jan. of 2018. 

GIVE US a release date for UMBRA on PC which will roughly give Console some expectation of how long we will be waiting as we always wait at least a month or so. I have come to terms with that fine.

However, this 3 year promise of something great for UMBRA at this point he better be AMAZING and this quest better be long and involved not some 2 or 3 mission boring thing. Put some thought into the thing add a puzzle or something yeesh.

Show us maybe what the wierd machines in the void under the floor in those round rooms are for and maybe lets interact with some of these Orokin directly somehow as well as the Sentients where do they come from etc.

No information, they just exist, where? Home world? Answer these questions for once.  

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On January 19, 2018 at 7:07 PM, (PS4)U4ickMadness said:

What of the mirage/mirage prime total eclipse aug? No matter if I’m 1m or 5m away from an ally it does not give them the eclipse benefits and it says on the mod itself 100% of eclipse ability will be shared with your allies within 5m from each other. Please help a brotha out.

Do you have show players on from options, thats enables quick look of the buffs you give them or if you are giving them the buff. Remember as well the augment scales to range so negative range doesn't go sit well with 5m standard range.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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