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Incorrect Boss Kills In Combat Stats


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Earlier today, i checked my amount of boss kills to know which boss to kill next (trying to summon Stalker), and noticed 19 Grineer bosses. I Assassinated Hek and checked the stats, and they were still at 19. It didnt count? Hope this helped.

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2 things:


Did you try loggin off and on to the game after you checked your stats? sometimes this helps the update in your machine.


If you want to help, a random forum post doesn't give alot of information.  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, to where you see support, sign in there, and send them a bug ticket with your EE.log{directions in the support area to find this}.


I dont know if they love or hate it but, I try to send bug reports with logs whenever i find any bugs.  This also gives them most of the info they need to look into the bugs.


Have Fun


Edit: figured he was solo, also went and looked at my kills/totals and yea they are way off.

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 I have noticed that too. I suspect certain weapons do not count them. I have killed Raptor way above 30 times using Despair in my case. Yet the total amount of kill for Corpus bosses for me is 5... did not count a single kill and has not been doing so since who knows when. I have killed Jackal and Hyena quite a lot of times too. Last hit is not an issue, since I solo almost always. I can assure there is a bug somewhere.

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