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Snow Globe & Bastille


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So the area of the Bastille and the area of the Snow Globe cancel out each others effect? Does it start at the beginning of the Bastille (I am assuming outside of the Snow Globe) or does it only affect the area they overlap? 

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Easy fix.


Choose which works best.

I usually go Snow Globe for Corpus and Grineer.

Bastille for Infested.


But some Frost players in public games get mad at Vauban taking all the kills in infested defense with the combination of Bastille and Ogris.

This can lead to a Frost player spamming snow globe all over the cryo pod so Vauban with Ogris can not get any kills while Frost attempts to Melee all of them.

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bug: when you throw bestilles on a snow globe. the web thing will not trigger and the bestilles ball  will just stick to the snow globe.



 you need to throw it on the floor and let it bounce to go inside the globe for it to trigger.

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