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Sold Acrid



Hello everyone,


I dont know if it is possible but let me explain..


I had a vasto in my inventory, leveled it til 30, and then started building acrid. When it finished building, I claimed it, and since I didnt need vasto any more, I went to inventory to sell it. As a dumb person, I clicked on acrid, and then clicked on sell, only then I realized what I did... Is there any way to get the acrid back?...

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I've done this with my lato vandel. I sent in a ticket explaining everything and they check my history to see what i claimed, sold, and bought and they verified that i did sell the Lato vandel and not just lie myself into getting a free one and surley enough she was back <3 However it will be unranked once you get it. Which wont matter due to it being new c:

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contact support they will help ya 





Vasto is BEST secondary!


(Until Dual Vastos come out...)


not really strong i play it for its sound lol lol 


vasto got decent and nice rate of fire  what the point of dual vasto ? the point of dual weapon  to get better dps no more... screw  mags  it doesnt matter how many bullet in 1 clip ...


but really dual vasto will get u a Little  slight more dps !! but u will get terrible accuracy and reload time ... 

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Oh no, that poor Acrid never saw the light of the day. It never felt the warmth of your hand. Here's a romantic random quote for the lost one:

"I just cannot stop thinking about you. You make my world so beautiful. You are perfect, just the way you are."

Rest in peace Acrid, the weapon above other weapons.

Let us mourn together while listening Celine Dions "My heart will go on"

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