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So I'm teethering on the edge of between the Hunter and Master founder's packs. I've already lucked out on a 75% platinum discount back then so the platinum doesn't have much effect on me (other than pouring forma on my clan or buying a few more weapons or just saving it, I got my happy weapons and frame, I can't ask for more).

What's making me think twice is the Skana Prime weapon, I already have Dual Ethers and Orthos (and soon to farm, Orthos Prime) and I like both of them for being rather flashy (I considering killing by slides as flashy, and I like that. Dual Ethers bonus being serrated blade with 100% on normal makes me happier) but I they're both cleaving/hitting multiple enemies at once...

So I would like to ask, does Skana Prime at least hit 3 enemies on charge and slides and does it even have the slightest stagger (on any style of hitting)?...And if features a different combo animation than Skana? :>

Flashy wall and jump attacks also count. :>

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Why wouldnt you get masters? Design council!

With only 2.25hours a weekday off work, I don't see how I can actually use the design council priviledge. :c

Sorry. :c

Unless they could like, wait a little under 24hours for me to vote. :>

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Vote threads are always up for several days. :)

welp that's a reason then...but to me it doesn't feel enough. :c

I'm not one to stay in games for long, I'm just spendy like that. (I did mention I only have 2hrs a day...it gets worse with traffic. :c)

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If you want my opinion, Skana Prime is just a sword in the useless-meele-weapons-sea; it's of course better than many other swords, it has 2 polarities and charge attack(even if vertical)has a good range.

But let's say you wouldn't use a Skana Prime instead of a Orthos, a Hate or a Reaper Prime!

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