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Paris Prime Vs Lanka



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Lanka all the way, if the info on Wiki according Serrated Blade Damage Type is correct:


  • Attacks deal Serrated Blade damage:
    • Deals triple damage to Infested chargers and walkers and +50% to crawlers.
    • This damage type does not have armor applied to it.
    • Has a chance to dismember enemies upon death.
    • Will still do damage to Corpus Heads (unlike Bulletdamage).
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Lanka...1 hit everything in the game, even bosses. Paris prime is just meh compared to the Snipertron V.

And for defense? OGRIS...not questions needed....

*Looks at my Ogris* Oh wait, Paris Prime or Lanka for defence? I will go with Lanka if I were you, but I like bows better IMO.

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Every single one in here forgot to mention (and consider) the fact, that lanka can't pierce an enemy, but the bow can. There's a lot of bottle necks in defense maps, so the bows are actually pretty good at taking out 5-6 targets with 1 shot.

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