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Research Facilities Are Complete



So me and my bro's have access to these research, im thinking of making an Ignis, but it has 125dps, hits one enemy etc etc. What weapon should be built or must be researched to be built and used to eradicate those opposing forces, im thinking of Ogris but im just rank 5 and about to reach rank 6 sooner, my bro is planning to build it, he is already rank 7



 Acrid seems awesome but i lack information. Also Flux Rifle is pretty nice but hard to hit, and so on but has ignore armor and deals more damage to light infested etc. Dunno what to research....


 What's your opinion? What should be researched?

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I would stay away from the ignis - I haven't tried it myself but everyone I know who has says it's awful. My understanding is because of how it behaves it's almost like a gimped flux rifle.


As for the other weapons:

Ogris is amazing, but somewhat situational. More suited to missions like defense than general gameplay (also very easy to kill yourself with, especially once modded). Also works better with frames that have abilities which synergise with it (like vortex, or a decoy to group enemies together and hold them still). Torid (toxic rocket launcher) is great too (and if you want to get to the acrid you'll have to research this anyways).


Acrid is the supreme overlord of all sidearms. Nothing else even comes close to how stupidly OP and effective this weapon is against everything.


Flux rifle is supposed to be pretty good post buff. Working towards crafting it now since I've neglected it for so long. It's not as hard to hit stuff as you'd think - assuming it's similar to the spectra - and you kill enemies very quickly anyways. If the spectra is anything to go by, it's better to aim for the centre of mass rather than trying to score crits on extremities (heavies are a bit of an exception).

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I made the Ignis. And I'm exceptionally disappointed. It is probably the MOST underwhelming weapon I've used (and I have nearly all of them).


It shoots like a laser, short range, doesn't do any damage (even to infested), consumes ammo, long reloads, and obscures the screen. At this moment, aside from "looking cool" there's no upside.


The way this weapon is programmed, the game treats it like any other rifle, not as a "spray fire everywhere" and have an "AoE gun".

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