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Where do you find warframe- (aka. class-)parts for the schematics?


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So I was stupid enough to buy a blueprint for the Rhino (lvl 1,75... grind is horrible) and found myself with only 1 / 4 parts ...

Is there any information where to get the class- (warframe-) parts? Or are they random (epic-) drops all over the maps?

Need a little help here, since I can not sell the blueprint, well... 35k wasted. Feels not nice.

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Planet: Mercury

Level: Tolstoj

Boss: Captain Vor

Faction: Grineer

Drops: Cronus longsword

Planet: Venus

Level: Fossa

Boss: The Jackal

Faction: Corpus

Drops: Rhino Chassis, Rhino Helmet, Rhino System

Planet: Earth

Level: Everest

Boss: Counceler Van Dek

Faction: Grineer


Planet: Mars

Level: War

Boss: Sargent Nef Anyo

Faction: Grineer

Drop: Mag Helmet, Mag Systems

Planet: Jupiter

Level: Themisto

Boss: The Golem

Faction: Infected

Drops: Dark Dagger, Ceramic Dagger

Planet: Saturn

Level: Thetys

Boss: General Sargas Ruk

Faction: Grineer

Drop: Ember Bluerpint, Ash Chasis

Planet: Uranus

Level: Titania

Boss: Tyl Regar

Faction: Grineer


Planet: Neptune

Level: Psamathe

Boss: The Hyena

Faction: Corpus

Drops: Rhino Chassis

...Umm.. thats the list so far... few things missing off it though

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