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[Mod] Improving Retribution


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As it stands now, Retribution is a useless mod -- Infested are resistant to it and Grineer/Corpus tend to use ranged weaponry than melee. Add to that the fact that Retribution is RNG-based, and will not trigger on every hit.


As such, I suggest that Retribution have a flat chance, 100%, to trigger for melee hits and 25% of that against ranged hits. Scaling would be changed to damage percentage, 20-30% starting, 20-30% per scaling to improve the output of this mod.


Thoughts welcome.

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So make it more like a "thorns" ability seen in games like diablo 2? The more damage that they deal to you the more damage you return to the enemy?

If it was non-elemental then I could see that making it more useful. As it stands I have one that I never use because its near worthless as electricity does nothing to the infested, and it doesnt trigger often enough to deal with rollers.

I could see it starting at 10% damage returned, scaling up to 40% damage returned at max level. That would prevent it from becomming too powerful, while at the same time preventing it from being worthless.

But that does bring up a question: Would it return a percentage of the damage dealt *before* your armor reduces it, or would it return a percentage of the damage you would have actually suffered? Also, would it be armor ignore damage or not?

But I will disagree on it triggering for ranged hits as that could lead it to becomming too powerful.

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Honestly, while i don't disagree with the idea.... there are so many things in the game that need to be tweaked, that retribution would be almost at the last of the list.... since there are a lot of mods i would rather have reworked before this one. Who uses resistance mods for example? Or for that case, any mod that it isn't mobility/power/casting/energy


Though a big NO to any ranged effect, it would be just plain stupid

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