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[Suggestion] Mod: Architecture


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I love exploring, but I also don't like dragging things out too far.


It would be great if there was a mod that would tell you how many accessible rooms are through a given door.


Sometimes it's fun to go 1 or 2 room detour to get some great loot. Sometimes a small detour starts turning into "I've already done 5 rooms, what's going on here???"


This also helps with determining mission length, prioritizing the team for data masses("there's only 2 rooms towards that marker, bob, you go get the mass and catch up"), and helps figure out exactly how much "rush" is needed when there's a timer going off for some reason.


It makes sense, someone on our team has all the blueprints anyway(how else do we have objective markers?), so it'd be a nice little utility to have.

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I'd think it's most for people who like to explore--finding all the cool stuff in a room is great. Abandoning your team to do it, or dragging them down never-ending corridors of extra content, sucks. Sometimes you can squeeze in a few rooms. Sometimes can't.


And as DanPaul7 observed: If you don't like the idea, don't equip the mod.

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