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Organization In Warframe [Something It Lacks]


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How i think mods should be organized.


Replace all the numbers with letters when equipping mods to warframe/weapon, if there are more than one row of mods that start with the letter S have the next page button go to the next row and when S runs out have it go to T.


I know streamline starts with an S usually i have to go to page 17  or 13 or 25 depending on how many mods i have.


Also we should be able to lock our mods that we don't want to sell/fusion. ( I know this is all over the forums btw)

In addition to locking certain mods there should be a select all button (all mods that aren't equipped at the moment and aren't locked are fused into the mod you have chosen) I can't tell you how many times i have clicked on 400+ mods and then have the damn game glitch up on me and have to restart it again and fuse mods every 50 or so.

A nice unequip all button would be pretty nice like we were promised.


How i think inventory & market should be organized.


Allow us to sell our stuff in bulk. I have 80 stable corruptors i am not going to go to page 3 and then click on stable corruptor 80 different times.


Allow us to buy our stuff in bulk, i hate finding out that i ran out of team heals, i could care less about 750 credits and i am always i need of team heals but I like my fingers unbroken, this would be very helpful to everyone everywhere. (i realize this is on the forums already as well)


Tell me what you think :D

Thank You For Reading.


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