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Warframe Movie Suggestion


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I am amazed with the graphics and the game. I have been thinking, of course you already have plans about this, but I would like to suggest movies.


Each movie shows each warframe. Each Warframe meets another Warframe in one movie, making all the warframes linked together in their stories.


The story I really like to see is Excalibur. How he got those abilities and how he end up being a Legendary Warframe.


Making a movie of each warframe will be like episode- movies. If we just altogether gather all warframe stories into one movie, it will only be one movie.


Next, I wanna see what Everything looks like before the Orokin Era, how the grineer looks like before they wear suits, I wanna see their home clothes.


Lastly, I really wanna see the Lotus, not just the face, but how she looks like, how she walks, talks and move. And I hope the movie will be high quality.

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