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Dojo Re-Construction? Moving/removing Elevators?



Are materials re-funded from demolished rooms yet?

How does removing elevators work? Do you need to remove all the rooms on floor 2 to remove the elevator from floor 1? If say the elevator on the floor the starting hall is on was misplaced.

Do elevators going up/down on the same floor go to the same floor? Can you connect the rooms in such a manner that you basically have 2 or more elevators between two floors to pick from?


Reason for these questions is that well like most larger clans our dojo is a fairly ad-hoc mess since parts of it were built before many of the current rooms existed and Update 8 cased some permission bug letting someone build a room in the wrong place etc.

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Materials are refunded, they go to the Dojo's Vault, not back to the players. I am not entirely certain how removing the elevator would work, as when my clan and I rebuilt after U9, we just removed the second floor before the elevators anyway. I personally advise the same, but to each their own.

There are three vertical levels to the Dojos, Initially you start/spawn on the main floor, leaving one floor above, and one beneath. As of U9, you will spawn in the largest hall you have, so you can manipulate what floor everyone will come in on. So if you build two elevators going up on the main floor, they will both go up to the only floor above them, and the same with an elevator going down.

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