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Stamina - Sliding And Charge Attacks


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TL;DR - Sliding and Charge attacks should cost Stamina


At present time it seems that Stamina is only used for sprinting (and performing special feats while sprinting). Yet the Stamina drain while sprinting is easily recovered by sliding. As such everyone and their grandmother are sprint-sliding all over the place.


From my perspective, Stamina was meant to act as a temporary burst. Yet it is so easy to keep your base Stamina up that mods like Quick Rest, Marathon and Acrobat seem pointless and everyone frowns with disdain at the alternate helmets that offer Stamina at the expense of something else.


As such I would propose a Stamina cost to be applied to the following:


1. Sliding costs Stamina

2. Charge attack costs Stamina


Now you guys will probably want to burn me at the stake for suggesting this, but I believe that adding a Stamina cost to these 2 aspects of the game would result in more people looking towards Stamina related mods and helmets if their 'build' incorporates lots of running around and using nothing but charge attacks. It would turn the Stamina mechanic into a burst with which the Tenno can perform special feats like wallrunning and devastating attacks for a longer duration.


If you have an opinion regarding the Stamina mechanic; please post your constructive feedback below. But please refrain from posting if the response adds nothing to a healthy discussion.


Thank you :)

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