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Trinity Rework


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With the addition of abilities that affect the entire party (Rhino Roar, Volt Speed) I think that Trinities 1 & 2 ability should be augmented to instead of being enemy target based to be a buff that gets applied to Warframes in the area.  


Keeping a target alive long enough for players to benefit from is extremely hard to do as is except for bosses.  This of course would need balancing.


One solution would be to not be able to cast another it again until the buff timer has expired:

Well of Life: 5 seconds

Energy Vampire: 10 seconds



I do think keeping the cap on max energy returned will have to stay as a requirement.  This makes the abilities non-spammable but maintain their usefulness without being too overpowered.


Just a thought I was having when I got trinity over the weekend.


That is all




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IMO changes should be as follows:

Well Of Life: Grants regeneration to nearby players (similar to Ancient Healers healing pulse).

The range of 'nearby players' would be based on how far you can cast the ability.

Adding a a "stretch" mod would increase the range of which nearby players receive the boost.

Start at 1health/second and scales up as you level up the mod, lasting for 30 seconds.

Have it as 1/2/2/3 health/second so capped out un-mod'd would grant 90 health over 30 seconds, which is rather potent for 25 energy, yet not to overpowered to rend Blessing useless.

Focus would then add 30% power which would change it to 4health/second capped out.

Energy vampire: Kept as is, however if an enemy is killed whilst under the effects of 'Energy Vampire', then it transfers to the next closest target within range.

The range it will transfer to the next target is the same range as you can cast Energy Vampire yourself, so adding a "stretch" mod would increase the range of which it will latch to the next enemy upon the previous enemies death.

This will fix Well of life being partially redundant except for vs. boss's, and will make Energy Vampire more "normal mob" friendly, without compromising potency.

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