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PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)


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PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2


4 New Bounties: Ghoul Purge!

Ghoul threats have arrived! These recurring bounties feature the Ghoul monstrosities. Help defend Cetus and destroy the Ghouls.... but their destruction may not be permanent! Expect the Ghouls to re-emerge regularly.

*Starting today, you can meet face to face with these ugly beasts NOW, visit Konzu to get started on the Purge! roughly 30 minutes after the update launches. You can run the Bounties until February, 6th! 

Ghoul Purge will also introduce these new Grineer Ghoul Enemies and Variants:


Known colloquially as the 'drill sergeant', the Augur is fast-grown into its enhancements. As with all Ghouls, no regard is given to the proper development of its higher functions. Cantilevered leg augments propel the unit toward the fray at speed, while over- and under-mounted extendable drill carriages magnify both reach and penetrating power.

Whether through aberrant cognition or sheer brutality one specimen always moves to the front of each pack. It is from this individual that the other units take their lead.

Vay Hek's personal favorite, the Devourer is a maximal terror unit. Draped in shreds of the diapause bag that birthed it, this gap-mawed monstrosity barrels toward prey with furious intensity. Wrist-mounted hooks are welded to elbow joints and hyperpowered by a myotechnological winch system for maximum impact-and-pull.

The Expired are Ghouls who have succumbed to malnutrition or environmental poisoning during the early stages of development. Their backup nervous systems continue to drive them forward, however, making them ideal suicide troops.

Why this emaciated monstrosity chose to abandon its pack remains to be seen.

So named for its terrifying leer, the Rictus (AKA 'the Sawman') lives to divide and conquer its foes - literally.

This specimen shows evidence of advanced cognitive abilities and greater, if rudimentary, situational analysis. Cold blooded and ruthless, t is easy to see how this specimen led its pack so ably.

Dynamic Weather in the Plains of Eidolon!

The Plains of Eidolon now have changing weather patterns! This new dynamic weather system brings rain, lightning, rolling thunder, as well as fluctuating wind and cloud patterns. The Plains can shift from sunshine to rain (and vice versa) during the day and night, and rain will linger for a reasonable amount of time.

Jumping in puddles isn’t the only good thing about being out in the Plains during the rain! Take advantage of increased fish spawns and reduced visibility for the Grineer while it is raining.

A rain slider has also been added to the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene. Adjust the slider from a light trickle to total downpour and capture your dramatic side!

Focus 2.5:

Since the launch of Focus 2.0 in Update 22: Plains of Eidolon, you have shared your thoughts and suggestions on where we could improve on Operator gameplay as a whole. Focus 2.5 is a reflection of what we’ve learned through your experiences and acts as a jumping-off point for future implementations that need more consideration before they reach you (daily cap removal for example).

First things first!

The following have been refunded so that you may redistribute as you please:

  • Focus points: Similar to the Focus 2.0, points invested into the 5 Focus Schools will be refunded back to their correlating School. For example, Zenurik Focus points will be refunded back into Zenurik for redistribution.
  • Brilliant Eidolon Shards: Shards invested in waybounds have been returned as items, while shards that have been turned into Focus points have been refunded as points.
  • Installed Lenses have not been affected, and will remain on your Warframes and weapons.
  • The cost of Focus as a whole is now roughly half of what it was before, thanks to the the millions of Focus points saved on pool capacity and node cost reductions!
  • Focus abilities have been tweaked to improve usability and to bring overall power levels of the five schools closer together.

Shared Pool Capacity:

We have added shared pool capacity! You can now upgrade your pool size using the points from any School you wish, which increases the maximum capacity for every school all at once.

You can increase pool capacity from your active tree. Simply select a School of choice as your “primary” and use its Focus points to increase the shared pool capacity.


The ability to increase capacity from within the tree itself still exists, but these points will contribute to the shared pool instead.

Node Costs:

The costs of unlocking nodes across all trees have, on average, been reduced by almost 30%. The table below compares what a 5 rank passive node (like Zenurik’s Energy Pulse) costs before and after these changes:


Focus School ability changes:


  •  Void Singularity’s pull speed has been doubled.
  •  Lightning Dash now costs 10 energy per cast.


  •  Guardian Blast now grants 160 shields at max, up from 100.
  •  Protective Dash now grants 5s of immunity at max, up from 2s.


  •  Void Spines now reflects 100% damage at max, up from 25%.
  •  Stone Skin now adds flat armor, 60 for both Warframe and Operator at max.


  •  Void Strike now continues accumulating damage boosts over multiple uses of void mode, each rank adds additional attacks up to a max of 8.
  •  Blazing Dash now stuns enemies instead of ragdolling.

Incursions in Plains of Eidolon Caves:

The following Incursions can now occur in Caves scattered around the Plains: Exterminate, Assassinate, and Cache Recovery. The objectives in these Incursions are the same as they are in the Plains, but there is now a chance for these to randomly take place in caves!

New Tenno Weapons:


Deliver a massive punch with each blast of this shotgun, or launch a round that explodes mid-air knocking down nearby enemies.

Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market today!


Lacerate attackers with two razor sharp warfans.

Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market or Tenno Research lab today!

New Stance:

Fans: Slicing Feathers! Twirling acrobatic slashes with a refined touch!

New Grineer Weapons:


Annihilate targets with four simultaneous shots from this high-caliber Grineer rifle.

Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!


Inflict rapid-fire bursts of pain with this Grineer submachine gun.

Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!

New Grineer Cosmetics:


Victory over the Grineer, draped across your shoulders.

Grineer plate, trophies from battle on the Plains of Eidolon.

New Grineer Bundle:

Make a devastating entrance with the Maggor Assault Pack. Includes the Quartakk quad-barrelled assault rifle and hard-hitting Stubba submachine gun, with matching Maggor armor and syandana.

Invite Players to Your Orbiter!

Warframe’s shared-world experience now expands to your Orbiter with the option to invite your friends to come aboard! Players have been requesting this feature ever since we introduced the Landing Crafts back in Update 14. If you played back then, you’ll remember cabin space was very limited, but it has expanded over the years. To make room for your squad, we’re expanding your Orbiter further by adding the new Personal Quarters!

To receive the new Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint, you must complete The War Within. Players who have already completed the quest will receive the Blueprint automatically in their inbox.

*Note about invites: Declining an invite to Orbiter will prevent additional invites for 15 seconds. Repeatedly declining invites will increase the 15 second duration. 

Customize your Personal Quarters!

Vignettes: Choose the centerpiece of your Personal Quarters from the following 8 Vignettes. Each Vignette adds its own ambiance and flare to your space.

  •  Earth Vignette
  •  Aquarium Vignette
  •  Cephalon Vignette
  •  Europa Vignette
  •  Eidolon Vignette
  •  Mars Vignette
  •  Kuva Fortress Vignette

Purchase Vignettes individually from the selection list, or all of them from the “Vignette Bundle” located in the Market.

Stencils: Add some color and theme your Quarters’ walls with Stencils!

  •  Corpus Stencil
  •  Grineer Queens Stencil
  •  Grineer Stencil
  •  Ostron Stencil
  •  Tenno Stencil

Purchase Stencils individually from the selection list or from the Market.

Aquarium: Bring home the fish you’ve caught from the Plains with your own Aquarium! Simply select “Customize Quarters” to pick the tank you want to house fish from your inventory. Fish will be removed from your inventory, but can be retrieved at any time from your tanks.

Warframe Display: Put your Warframe on display! Choose from your loadouts to showcase your best look in full scale.

Somachord: Add ambiance to your Orbiter with the Somachord! Unlock songs by locating and scanning Somachord Tones scattered throughout the Solar System. Find them all to complete songs!

Increased Decoration Capacity:

To accommodate all the new decorations, capacity has been split into 4 different areas (Transference Room, Helminth Infirmary, Personal Quarters, and everything in between) with a capacity of 1200 EACH to hold all your ship’s flair.

And since we know some of you really enjoy personalizing your Orbiter, we will be overhauling decoration placement to be more streamlined in 2018! These currently unreleased changes (discussed in Devstream #103) will include grid snapping, placing floating decorations, and much more!

New Orbiter Decorations!

Warframe Articula: Posable scale models of your favorite Warframes are here! To place, open your decoration tool and select “Warframe Articula”. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, customize by selecting from your existing loadouts, choosing a pose from the “Warframe Gun Pose Set”, and swapping weapons! Due to their complexity, Articula take more Capacity than most decorations so placement will be limited. For example, you won’t be able to place a large number of Articula like you can with Noggles.

Trees, Planters and more!
Explore a new line of decorations including some plants and decorative toys for your Companions!

New Operator Animation Sets!

There is a new Operator customization option available: School specific animations!
Zenurik, Naramon, Unairu, Madurai, and Vazarin have their own set of idle animations. These are freely for the school of your choice. If you unlock each school, each set becomes available for your operator!

Captura improvements: Archwing & DoF!

  •  Archwing can now be deployed in Captura!
  •  Added a Depth of Field toggle in Captura! As opposed to the current Depth of Field slider, the toggle will completely turn it on or off.

New Plains of Eidolon Trophies!

  •  Pest Control - Kill 100 Plains Beasts
  •  Master Angler - Catch 10 Fish
  •  Plains Prospector - Unearth 100 Deposits from the Plains of Eidolon


  •  Added Zaw Strikes and Amps to the Equipment tab on player Profiles. Zaw and Amp Mastery gain also is now tracked!
  •  Added resistance, armor type, and health type information to the Eidolon Vomvalyst’s Codex entry.
  •  Added a “Sale Manifest” window when selling your Mods for Credits or dissolving them for Endo. The window will provide information on the sale for you to review before you confirm or cancel.
  •  The Seismic Wave mod now drops from Bailiffs and Tusk Reavers.

Bait, Dye, and Pharoma - Fixes, Changes and Additions:

The intent of the following changes is to make fishing a more harmonious experience for you and your squad! Until now, Bait, Dye, and Pharoma has only exclusively affected the player who used it. Moving forward, all squadmates will receive benefits from Bait or other fishing consumables in the Plains. The fish you see will still vary from player to player, however, the effects of these consumables will be shared across all members.

When making this change, we also reviewed how each of these consumables worked and tweaked them slightly for the sake of consistency and balance:

  •  You can now throw Pharoma and Luminous Dye like Bait!*
  •  Dye, Pharoma and Bait now only work within a certain radius around its casting point. Any player fishing within the radius around this casting point will benefit from its effects.

*In order for Luminous Dye and Pharoma to work within this system, they are now thrown like bait. They float in the water and affect all fish in the same body of water within a certain radius. This way you can cast out the Dye in one place, and all players will see the fish get highlighted as they swim near it. Multiple Dyes can be used at once, if you want to affect a larger section of the water.

Finally, we made the following changes and fixes to fishing:

  •  Added custom Bait throwing animation.
  •  Active Bait will no longer be destroyed by fish.
  •  Reduced fish escape speed when spooked.
  •  Fixes towards fish swimming through terrain.
  •  Fixed rare case where fishing Bait would not float properly.
  •  Fixes towards Bait being destroyed if thrown into shallow ponds where the bait would hit the bottom before floating to the surface.
  •  Fixed clients being able to throw one more Bait than they actually have.
  •  Fixed an issue where some fish could swim in the air.

Gara Mass Vitrify Changes:

  •  Mass Vitrify is no longer invulnerable and now has sections that break off and explode as it absorbs incoming damage. The amount of damage absorbed scales with Power Strength and Armor. Explosion damage scales with Power Strength.
  •  Mass Vitrify no longer has a duration and remains until recast, destroyed from damage, or smashed with Shattered Lash.

Gara is still relatively new as far as Warframes are concerned but since her release, we’ve found (and many players have found) that an invulnerable and almost impenetrable barrier doesn’t allow for a very engaging gameplay experience. We know that other Warframes also have Powers with similar issues, but adding a shattering component to Mass Vitrify is a change we could easily implement that is consistent with Gara’s glass theme while also making Mass Vitrify more interactive.

With these new changes, we can tweak the absorption and explosion values as necessary to make sure Mass Vitrify is both fun and effective. Please keep your feedback constructive and let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to test these new changes.

Volt Changes:

  • Reduced Electric Shield’s Energy Cost per meter to 1 Energy per 4 meters (down from 1 per 1 meter)
  • You can now swap to your primary weapon while holding Volt's Electric Shield, doing this will drop the Electric Shield. You can drop the Electric Shield as before to avoid switching to another weapon.

Reticle Changes:

  •  Reticle will turn blue when targeting allies and red when targeting enemies.
  •  Reticle will show different states for hip and aim.
  •  Context actions will dim when aiming while they are active.

Objective UI & UX Improvements:

  •  All non-endless Solar Map and quest missions now display short objective instructions for each stage with a matching marker icon in the UI, similar to those displayed on the Plains.. Some endless missions also have new objective text.
  •  Simplified and cleaned up any existing objective UI's general alignment, ordering and spacing to make it more readable.
  •  Reworded language in some existing missions’ objective UI for clarity, and added more appropriate text to some timers instead of the generic 'Time'.
  •  Fixed many small consistency issues and bugs with objective markers and replaced some existing mission markers with area markers where appropriate.
  •  Added area markers to Hive missions to cover highlight areas where the destroyable tumor nodes spawned around each hive.
  •  During long dialog stages in quests, there will now always be an area marker so that players don't get confused about where they should be.
  •  Changed timer description in Rescue missions to “Time Limit” instead of “Time Left”.
  •  In-world markers for Incursion/Bounty objectives locations will no longer disappear for others when someone reaches it first - it will persist for players who aren't in the area yet.
  •  In-world markers for Incursion/Bounty objectives will reappear if you leave the objective area.
  •  The countdown timer when leaving the perimeters of an objective in the Plains has moved to a more visible spot in the UI. It also states that you are “abandoning objective”.
  •  Changed the marker for downed Capture targets from red to a yellow objective marker - this will make it clearer to players that they need to use the context action instead of continuing to damage the target.
  •  Objective timers are now greyed out when paused.
  •  Get to extraction' objective appears on the UI when extraction is enabled (excludes missions where extraction is optional).
  •  Extraction Timer text changed from 'Time:' to 'Extracting In:' so it can't be confused with other active timers.
  •  Some missions with large extraction zones like landing pads now use a green area extraction marker. Adjusted some extraction zones so that they fill the whole landing pad and marker area, instead of half of a landing pad.
  •  Removed panels from Corpus doors which never did anything to avoid new player confusion because they would light up during lockdowns.
  •  Fixed missing markers on Corpus co-op doors.
  •  The Rescue Target in the Plains now has a HUD health indicator located under your mini-map.
  •  Fixed objective waypoint not disappearing after successfully destroying the Reactor in Sabotage missions.
  •  Fixed Bounty waypoint directing players to extraction when Archwing is immediately deployed upon entering the Plains.
  •  Fixed objective waypoint not disappearing after successfully taking the Vessel from the tomb in the last mission of the Sands of Inaros Quest.
  •  Fixed some Markers being stuck in the at origin on the minimap.
  •  Fixed unlocked icon appearing very dimly on Grineer doors.


  •  Made performance and memory optimizations to the Plains of Eidolon and other tilesets. If you were experiencing crashes before, we hope that these changes will be the fix!
  •  The Corpus Gas City and Grineer Settlement tilesets have received an audio remaster! We revised the sounds in these tiles and used updated engine tech so that certain ambient sounds are more noticeable and clear. The remaster adds more character and personality to the audio and will also make enemies easier to pick out.
  •  Time between Incursions will increase if you let an Incursion alert expire. The Lotus can take a hint!
  •  A single Vomvalyst in its energy-form near multiple Lures will now only feed a charge to a single Lure. However, to improve overall survivability of the Lures, we have changed Eidolon Lures to always spawn at level 30 regardless of Bounty level or distance from the gate.
  •  Hunter Command Mod change: your Companion will now focus on an enemy for a set duration when they are first slash proc’d by you. While focused on a target, they will ignore any other newly proc’d enemies and will go back to their default behavior after the duration expires.
  •  Operators and Ostron Vendors in Cetus have had their eyes beautified with shaders.
  •  The beams from Trinity’s Link now fade out when the Ability has ended.
  •  Lephantis’ melee attacks will now knock you back if you’re hit!
  •  Smoothed NPC movement for clients with a poor connection to host.
  •  Replaced an old version of the reactor in Grineer Settlement Sabotage with the newer (and fewer-pronged) version used in the Grineer Shipyard Tileset.
  •  Removed blue undertone from Nekros Irkalla’s energy wisps.
  •  Improved AI pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
  •  Overall UI optimizations.
  •  Reduced number of stasis mines in Archwing Rush.
  •  Added 'destroyable' shine FX to mines in Archwing Rush.
  •  A Skiff VIP has been added to the list of commanders in Dynamic Assassinate Incursions.
  •  Improving the responsiveness of loadouts in Relays and Cetus.
  •  Made improvements towards less hitches in Relays.
  •  Improved AI pathing on the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  •  Grineer Melee enemies on the Plains are now able to climb to the top of the Storage Containers.
  •  Tuned down the bloom on the wings of the Chroma Vojnik Battle-Damaged Tennogen Skin.
  •  Improved lighting on the Lua tileset doors.
  •  Changed “enemies are dead” transmission to “broken their ranks” transmission in Invasion missions.
  •  Updated one of Lotus’ lines for the Mastery Rank 25 test to better match the test.
  •  The Recon Commanders in Assassinate Target Bounties in the Plains have had their health regen lowered and they will no longer switch teleport.
  •  PoE Captura scene is now tradeable!
  •  Adjusted the audio gain for rain the the Plains, and improved the ability to hear fishing and mining laser audio more clearly when it's raining.
  •  Fragments in your Codex are now categorized based on their origin (Cephalon, Cetus, Gara, and Ghouls).
  •  You can now replay Bounties for Standing!
  •  You can now use Emotes in your Orbiter! Deep bows all around.
  •  Mirage's Hall of Mirrors casting animation has been changed to match the style of the Mirage Prime trailer!
  •  Improved sound ambience and performance on a Grineer Settlement tileset door.
  •  The body tendrils on Nezha’s Yaksha Tennogen Skin is now tintable and will take tints from the tertiary slot.
  •  Lieutenant Lech Krill changes:
  •  Lech Kril will now prioritize using his ice abilities instead of melee when he can.
  •  Upon destroying Lech Kril's backpack, his ice abilities will have their cooldowns reset to reduce time spent waiting around.
  •  Changed Lech Kril's Ice Wave ability so that it doesn’t halt the fight when players are meleeing him.
  •  Added FX to Lech Kril's weakspot that changes tint based on how much damage his backpack has taken to help make the objective clearer to new player.
  •  Very slightly tweaked hitbox location for backpack to try and achieve more consistent damage.
  •  When Decorating your Dojo, your selected Decoration will now be deselected if you type into the search bar and the Decoration in question does not appear on the results page. This should help prevent players accidentally building the wrong item!
  •  Ambulas is now immune to Viral Damage. This will fix issues where Ambulas becomes unhackable.
  •  Made improvements towards correctly loading into the same Cetus Instance with your squad. This was resulting in perpetually attempting to load into the Plains upon which the doors never opened.
  •  Improved navigation and pathing behavior of Dropships in the Plains.
  •  Air Support Turrets spawned by the Host (as well as Turrets spawned by Clients prior to previous migrations) will now be destroyed when a Host migration occurs. This fixes Air Support Turrets lingering after a Host migration which resulted in being able to spawn more than 1 at a time.
  •  Removed placeholder items from Hok’s daily Zaw special.
  •  Removed a weird marker from Teshin in the first stage of The War Within quest.

Bounty Fixes:

  •  Fixed a timing issue where Konzu's Bounties would not refresh properly.
  •  Fixed an issue where the HUD wouldn't update when accepting bounties.
  •  Fixed an issue where the 'Bounty Accepted' transmission wouldn't play when taking on a new Bounty.
  •  Fixed an issue where you'd have to leave Cetus and return to see a new Day's bounties.
  • Fixed Bounty not starting for 4-player Squad after loading into the Plains. 


  • Fixed Mesa’s Regulators floating after using Peacemaker as per:
  • Fixed upgraded Pet Incubator Segment not putting Pets in Stasis automatically when they're about to die.
  • Fixed not receiving the Thousand Year fish inbox message and decoration after scanning all of the Fragments, as per:
  • Fixed Operators not being able to instantly Void Dash via crouch+jump in some cases, particularly when using a controller and trying to do crouch+jump simultaneously because crouch normally needs to be held on controllers to enter Void Mode. Crouch still needs to be tapped to roll and held to Void Mode, but you can now crouch+jump together to instantly Void Dash instead of having to wait for crouch to work.
  • Fixed Apothic Codex entries not being given during The Silver Grove quest.
  •  Fixed an improperly placed wall in the Grineer Settlement Tileset.
  •  Fixed short freezes that could occur in the Dojo when too many decorations have completed at once.
  • Fixed long hitch during Host Migration when a host choses to “leave squad” after the squad has started loading into Cetus from the Plains.
  •  Fixed extra "NONE" option in the attachments sub-menu.
  •  Fixed chat history being erased upon host migration.
  •  Fixed the mission countdown starting right away when starting Index missions for The Glast Gambit through the World State Window, making it possible for players to start without having selected a Wager. Now the countdown shouldn't start until the player has selected their Wager on the screen.
  •  Fixed a slight hitch when loading into your Orbiter if you had scanned all the Glass Fish in the Plains.
  •  Fixed player movement not replicating for squadmates when entering a room in the Relay after completing a mission.
  •  Fixed mission rewards appearing outside of the UI if the End of Mission screen is opened in front of the Syndicate Console in the Orbiter.
  •  Fixed leaving squad after completing a Bounty resulting in the UI showing a failed Bounty screen, or the broken final stage of the completed Bounty. This was simply a visual bug - players still received the completed Bounty rewards!
  •  Fixed being unable to place a variety of Dojo Decorations in the Tempertania Water Garden.
  •  Fixed being unable to take your Companions into the Dojo.
  •  Fixed multiple Dojo rooms being built upon each other sometimes resulting in players being unable to enter the Dojo.
  •  Fixed being able to see the underbelly of Cetus when Fast Travelling.
  •  Fixed Deru Syandana flickering when viewed at certain angles.
  •  Fixed some blood spatter in Cetus appearing black. These splatters have been revisited to appear… fresher.
  •  Fixed the “Pick Up Void Key” prompt in the Archwing Quest floating too high in the sky.
  •  Fixed being unable to complete or contribute to a Decoration if it was started prior to lowering Clan Tier.
  •  Patched a hole in the Grineer Galleon tileset that enemies could fall through.
  •  Fixed missing texture in Grineer Galleon Sabotage missions.
  •  Fixed Grineer Settlement Sabotage on Mars using the wrong procedural level layout.
  •  Fixed a hole in the Corpus Ice Planet Tileset.
  •  Fixed a rare case of the Ascaris becoming invisible in the Vor's Prize quest.
  •  Fixes towards being able to prompt teleporting anywhere after activating a Teleporter in the Dojo or Relay.
  •  Fixes towards black squares in exits/ports in the Ceres Shipyard Tileset.
  •  Fixed Lech Kril’s hammer turning invisible when attacking an invisible player.
  •  Fixed navigation issues in the “follow the music” segment of Octavia’s Anthem Quest.
  •  Fixed Amprex FX script that could crash if owner was killed on the first frame after firing.
  •  Fixed an issue where the tip of the Lunaro Arcata would be swirly.
  •  Fixed Concealed Explosives mod description showing Pistol instead of Thrown.
  •  Fixed arrow skins not showing when equipped with the Lenz.
  •  Fixed Default Colors not saving for Syandanas when selected.
  •  Fixed Flameblade not always hitting player on second and third swing.
  •  Fixed a case where the Inbox decline button in a message would be too big.
  •  Fixed some lighting issues on Nidus' Rupture.
  •  Fixed hovering over water FX showing for players who are not hovering.
  •  Fixed second player in a squad not replicating properly when entering a Relay.
  •  Fixed some decorations in The Jordas Verdict.
  •  Fixed a progress stopper that could occur because of host migration during an Assassination Bounty on PoE.
  •  Fixed Grineer Lancer Grakata reload animation.
  •  Fixed a rare case of Bounties not progressing if you engaged with a Grineer Camp that later was used for a Bounty Stage.
  •  Fixed enemies being able to pass through the door to Cetus.
  •  Fixed a rare UI and transmissions bug that could occur if you engaged with a Grineer Camp that later was used for a Bounty Stage.
  •  Fixed the range increase from Iron Vault scaling with Exodia Contagion.
  •  Fixed a misplaced body of water on Uranus Spy Vault.
  •  Fixed typo in Spy Catcher Bounty.
  •  Fixed hood closed option changing the Operator face.
  •  Fixed Nekros Irkalla showing incorrect FX.
  •  Fixed Syrinx armor clipping on certain skins.
  •  Fixed not being able to activate Hydraulus as Operator during Octavia’s Anthem.
  •  Fixed several collision issues on a few Grineer tilesets.
  •  Fixed being able to trade an Eidolon Lens that is currently being crafted.
  •  Fixed Operator exploit to become perma invisible and invincible.
  •  Fixed Solar Map text covering transmissions.
  •  Fixed vertical movement animations not showing for squad mates in Archwing.
  •  Fixed Exalted Blade flickering at certain angles.
  •  Fixed aim glide animation while using pistol and Glave.
  •  Fixed missing Quest Complete diorama for Man of Few Words.
  •  Fixed the Auto Turrets (mg, mortar, anti AW) doors not closing after turret destroyed. Doors now close when agent is destroyed.
  •  Fixed Mending Tides charges replenishing on death.
  •  Fixed various Loc issues.
  •  Fixed Latchers spawning at inordinately high levels in the Plains.
  •  Fixed Exodia Hunt affecting allies.
  •  Fixed Ammo Depot display ring to count up instead of down.
  •  Fixed Sprint toggling off due to shooting during a slide.
  •  Fixed issue where Apothics used at The Silver Grove, and Kela de Thaym Judgement Points were not consumed if network errors occurred.
  •  Fixed crosshair being visible when opening and closing the Gear menu while holding your mining beam.
  •  Fixed a rare case in Drone Escort where HUD would not disappear when Hijack completed.
  •  Fixed certain ambiance sounds in various tilesets not playing.
  •  Fixed flickering textures in an Earth Tileset cave.
  •  Fixed being unable to use Ivara’s Zipline in one of the Grineer camps in the Plains.
  •  Fixed glowing blocks on the signs in Cetus.
  •  Fixed marker missing for players when encountering a Teralsyt.
  •  Fixed destroyed Lephantis head reappearing after host-migration.
  •  Fixed the Pyra and Tantu Sugatra spinning around when equipping on some weapons.
  •  Fixed the Nelumbo Syandana floating on the Ember Vermilion Skin.
  •  Fixed being unable to deploy Archwing in some specific locations within the Plains.
  •  Fixed map holes on E-Prime and Mariana.
  •  Fixed missing collision on the Grineer Radar in the Plains.
  •  Fixed non-Archwing weapons displaying when transitioning into Archwing mode (usually occurs in Quests).
  •  Fixed Bullet Dance Stance Lead Tango combo not playing properly with the Redeemer causing it to loop gunfire repeatedly.
  •  Fixed Focus Lens Bounty rewards missing the correlating Focus icon.
  •  Fixed certain weapons and abilities with Blast damage launching enemies to very far distances. Kept a bit of ‘oomph’ for the Sonicor by tweaking the ragdoll force to allow a more horizontal ragdoll as opposed to ragdolling in place. Does this bring it back to its skyrocketing ways? No. But now it has an appropriate amount of ‘oomph’ that doesn’t send you across the map to collect your dropped goodies.
  •  Fixed players being able to jump or fly out of Hunhow’s Datascape Scene in Captura.
  •  Fixed being able to break through the Simaris Synthesis tutorial by wall-jumping around.
  •  Fixed Condrocs being able to spawn in caves in the Plains and preventing them from flying away when startled as intended.
  •  Fixed issue where players could get hit by rock and fall underneath the Lua tileset.
  •  Fixed Warframe health and shields being displayed when you’re playing as your Operator.
  •  Fixed Ferrox’s projectiles not affected by Limbo’s Stasis and shooting in whatever direction the first shot was fired.
  •  Fixed Mass Vitrify freezing enemies that are ability resistant (similar to Frost freezing abilities).
  •  Fixed several issues with markers in Lua Spy mission on client / host migration and client join-in-progress.
  •  Fixed portal in the Lua rescue room breaking if there was a host migration before releasing the hostage.
  •  Fixed the Bounty list in Cetus not updating upon completing the “Prove Yourself” Bounty.
  •  Fixed the Ammo Case and Ammo Mutation mods not working after going in and out of the Plains twice.
  •  Fixed the Ballistica Prime turning Executioners in Rathuum and Brokers in The Index into ghosts.
  •  Fixed Clients returning to Cetus and it being night when it is actually day in the Plains.
  •  Fixed crash when players are attempting to join your squad while your Arsenal is open in Cetus.
  •  Fixed Host still capturing a target even if they were knocked into bleedout.
  •  Fixed accent colour not applying on the Pyra Syandana.
  •  Fixed the default texture on the ground under the Golden Maw cave in The War Within quest.
  •  Fixed Grineer satellites only being able to be scanned in a small location near the tip in Archwing Mobile Defense.
  •  Fixed rare case where NPCs thought it was day when it was night in Cetus/Plains.
  •  Fixed a Simulacrum and Arsenal crash.
  •  Fixed water flowing from both sides when only one cap has been shot in the Cunning Test.
  •  Fixed Operators able to take flight and ride the Condrocs out of the Earth Tileset.
  •  Fixed a Simulacrum Arsenal crash caused by Gara's passive.
  •  Fixed Nidus’ Virulence not dealing damage to Supply Crates in Bounties and Incursions.
  •  Fixed script error in Rescue missions on Linea, Venus.
  •  Fixed a tube that connected two rooms being inaccessible in the Kuva Fortress tileset.
  •  Fixed crash that would occur during the last Sortie mission with General Sargas Ruk on Saturn.
  •  Fixed rare issue with the Teralyst where some abilities wouldn’t target Grineer suspended in the air.
  •  Fixed Caches spawning in the wall in the Earth tileset.
  •  Fixed Point D in Galleon Interception appearing as a Defense Target Cryopod instead of an Interception Point.
  •  Fixed weird animation loop occurring with the Ostrons in Cetus.
  •  Several fixes to material and mesh in the Once Awake defense mission.
  •  Fixed Codex having a random entry in the Plains of Eidolon section.
  •  Fixed camera when viewing Syrinx in the Market place.
  •  Fixed Bladestorm not functioning properly in Conclave.
  •  Fixed Archwing weapons appearing in PoE after a host migration.
  •  Fixed stuck pose when accessing Arsenal in Cetus as an Operator.
  •  Fixed flying around freely while capturing and getting stuck in Capture state.
  •  Fixed multiple Syandanas clipping on Titania.
  •  Fixed Cathode Syandana clipping on multiple Warframes.
  •  Fixed multiple attachments clipping on Mesa.
  •  Fixed Sugatra position when using the Dominion sword skin.
  •  Fixed polearms and scythes clipping on some Warframes when using the standard holster position.
  •  Fixed Uru Prime Syandana clipping on many Warframes.
  •  Fixed various issues that could be caused by aborting to Orbiter while transitioning to/from Cetus and the Plains.
  •  Fixed clients not being able to enter last room of Harrow’s Temple in Captura.
  •  Fixed Acanthus Prime Leg Guard clipping on Limbo Vistyxio skin.
  •  Fixed additional S appended to Clan name in Alliance Management screen.
  •  Fixed Volt Proto skin and Diode Hammer skin not being linkable in chat.
  •  Fixed UI bug caused by host migration and failed Cache Bounty.
  •  Fixed missing polarity on Ammo Case
  •  Fixed the Argonak’s highlight not using custom colors.
  •  Fixed some Kuva-related sounds not playing for clients.
  •  Fixed broken “Change Loadout” on Solar Map
  •  Fixed wrong teleport volume on Hydron
  •  Fixed Mastery Rank 6 failing automatically at the start of the second round.
  •  Fixed crash that could occur on recasting Gara’s Mass Vitrify if the ability was terminated before all the ring pieces could be created.
  •  Fixed Riven mod failing to unveil if the inbox tried to open after the unveiling mission and is closed before it has a chance to open.
  •  Fixed missing description for the Lohrin Brace boosting critical and status chance.
  •  Fixed bug with Sabotage and Assault missions with “Defend the Object” in the Kuva Fortress that caused progress stoppers in The War Within.
  •  Fixed alarms instantly going off in the Rosaline, Uranus Spy mission.
  •  Fixed issues with rock assets clipping into other tiles in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  •  Fixed being stuck in an unmovable state when attempting to return to Archwing during The War Within asteroid field phase.
  •  Fixed enemies never really ever attacking Octavia’s Mallet while following it.
  •  Fixed Clients not getting the combo bonus damage boost from Octavia’s Mallet when combined with Resonator.
  •  Fixed "Required In Vault" Dojo decorations not showing up in the list of placeable decorations.
  •  Fixed the Syndicate Medallion/Sentient Core redemption UI allowing you to redeem a decimal value. Medallions/Cores were never actually redeemed as this was purely a UI issue.
  •  Fixed "Abandoning Objective" text staying on screen if you blow by the objective in Sky Archwing in the Plains.
  •  Fixed missing Operator VO and subtitles during The War Within cinematics.
  •  Fixed a loss of functionality when attempting to purchase a Kubrow Egg from Darvo.
  •  Fixed crates spawning out of reach in the Orokin Derelict.
  •  Fixed sounds not playing properly when firing the Baza.
  •  Fixed a texture gap on the floor of the Grineer Forest tileset.
  •  Fixed Nova being able to Worm Hole her way out of the Kuva Fortress tileset on Dakata.
  •  Fixed Operator Vahd Greaves overlapping with other styles of Operator suit causing it to clip.
  •  Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing if they are on the ground and another player joins the session.
  •  Attempt to fix a progress stopper in Sealab Sabotage when killing Tyl Regor’s Project specimen before it steps off the platform.
  •  Fixed Client Zaw stats only showing Strike stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal instead of all components.
  •  Fixed Punch-Through projectiles hitting multiple times against Drones/Ships.
  •  Fixed a Rampart spawning inside of a wall in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
  •  Fixed Mirage Prime’s Eclipse applying only the basic textures.
  •  Fixed Tusk Dargyn hovering above its target instead of flying around.
  •  Fixed Ferrox primary projectiles sometimes not appearing when in Limbo's Cataclysm and Stasis.
  •  Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not playing the proper idles if an idle set is equipped.
  •  Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones inheriting customizations they shouldn't have in Conclave.
  •  Potential fix for Bounties overlapping in the UI when talking to Konzu.
  •  Fixed crash related to fighting Teralsyt.
  •  Fixed Clients disconnecting from host when trying to load into a Captura or Simulacrum session at the same time as the host.
  •  Fixed inaccurate and broken mini-map in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  •  Fixed animation issue when charging an arrow immediately after firing a shot using Bows.
  •  Fixed mods like Quick Return and Power Throw not applying when dual wielding a throwing melee weapon.
  •  Fixed missing textures on Diriga during the purge sequence of The War Within.
  •  Fixed Survival UI for clients changing between two languages if their selected language is different than the host’s.
  •  Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunner using the incorrect textures.
  •  Fixed Reactant counters not showing properly for Squadmates if the Operator is out.
  •  Fixed various rocks in Cetus being unaffected by Rain.
  •  Fixed bounties sometimes losing track of which encounter is the active bounty stage during migration.
  •  Fixed Plains water at night permanently reducing Shields.
  •  Removed some incomplete Zaw tips that had shown up in the Codex.
  •  Fixed some session problems when joining squads roaming the Plains.
  •  Fixed missing mesh on Vahd Greaves.
  •  Fixed Ballistica Prime not creating proper ‘Ghost’ on Charged Attack kill.
  •  Fixed operator not facing the right way when getting back in their chair after customization with a stance equipped.
  •  Fixed Operator air sliding back into their seat.
  •  Fixed missing chat messages when people were kicked.
  •  Fixed client not seeing lure tethers connecting to Teralyst.
  •  Fixed not being able to damage the Grineer Queen for a few seconds until she quits her yappin’ in The War Within quest. The War Within speedrunners rejoice for precious seconds are SAVED!!
  •  Fixed Nidus’ Ravenous not working when Particle Quality is set to low.
  •  Fixed objective markers remaining after destroying the corresponding vents in the Raptor boss fight. This also brings a potential fix for the objective vent being incorrect if a Host migration occured.
  •  Fixed Maim not damaging enemies if there are many enemies in its radius.
  •  Fixed Orbiter Decorations "disappearing" if moved from a room into an empty room.
  •  Fixed missing dropped Mods listed when viewing Acolytes in the Codex.
  •  Fixed the Hydraulus being invisible in some missions during Octavia's Anthem quest.
  •  Fixed using Alt Fire key to detonate Zenith disc when both discs of Zenistar and Zenith weapon has been launched resulting in the detonation removing the HUD icon for Zenistar disc.
  •  Fixed rare bugs where textures were missing in cases like the Arsenal.
  •  Fixed a teleport triggering Transferring from your Warframe into the Operator-only section inside Harrow's temple.
  •  Fixed the Igaro Day of the Dead Syandana appearing offset when equipped on Excalibur, Nyx, Nyx Nemesis Skin, or Nyx Prime.
  •  Fixed being able to select an Arsenal loadout you just deleted in the loadout selection popup.
  •  Fixed unwanted sounds playing on some Zaw parts when equipped.
  •  Fixed melee weapon hit sounds not being audible at certain times during combat.
  •  Fixed Nidus’ head appearing detached in his diorama.
  •  Fixed the Hunter Command Mod not allowing pets to use other scripted abilities they have equipped (such as Smeeta Charm).
  •  Fixed a few spots in the Plains where you could see underwater while fishing.
  •  Fixed Ember’s Vermillion Helmet flame FX lingering when using a sniper scope, Nosam Cutter, Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner.
  •  Fixed overlapping Radius values displaying on the Surging Dash description.
  •  Fixed a crash when changing loadouts in the Arsenal.

Conclave Fixes:

  •  Fixed the Combo list of a Modded melee weapon not showing up in the Conclave Arsenal.
  •  Fixed Daily/Weekly Conclave Challenges not completing or tracking your progress.


January 23rd Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed game freezing when trying to use your Personal Quarters. You can now return to your regularly scheduled decorating frenzy!
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All glitchy Armageddon has been unleashed. My pal is on top of my ship, we had a false hotfix. I kinda think we may need a hotfix..it's funny though, but a bit frustrating. At least he dances to keep it light. We tried to have him break into the ship, and he went into the nothingness. Other than that, not bad! Hopefully we can find a fix for this soon, I want to show my Orbiter off soon. Have a great day, Tenno!

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