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New Map & Mission Type Idea


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Facility Invasion


You are sent to reply an attack on a Lotus controlled facility


It's a gauntlet of increasing difficulty to secure each map tile until you gain full control of the facilities systems and weapons.


Involves the players hacking multiple nodes in a map tile while holding off enemy attacks until all nodes are hacked and the map tile defense systems become fully active and in control of the Lotus. (possible Bonus of getting to see some Lotus defence system help tear the remaining enemies apart)Thus securing the map tile and opening a door for your team to move on to the next tile.


The further you get the greater the difficulty and awards, the best rewards are upon securing the entire facility. Difficulty increase should not only be in the enemy types, but also the placement of the hacking nodes (parkour involvement) and the hacking game as well (ciphers would be disabled). Maybe you have to hack the node first before dropping in the data mass for the Lotus to gain control.


New map tile would be in the style of Dojo possible, or something even more Lotusy?

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Sort of, but not really, it would be us trying to recapture one of our research facilities as opposed to blowing something up again.



So basically another defence mode...nty.


Pseudo defence, has element so a reverse defence and traditional defence combined. It would be us trying to activate the defence systems so the facility can defend it's self while the enemies try to defend nodes they control and more or less aggressive attack us while we hack into the system.

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