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Fastest Running/moving Around



Besides using melee weapon speed boost - i mess it up alot.


Loki with  rush and stamina mods - but whats the best way to  move around fast - slide jumping or just sliding once in a while?

Or the speed boost from sliding is just an illusion?

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Sliding and slide-slashing both increase your speed. There is a cool down on sliding speed boosting so it's not recommended to use it more than once per second. Slide-slashing (sliding+melee) increases your speed by a considerable amount if you have a weapon with high attack speed i.e. Zorens, single swords, daggers, etc. For best results run > jump > slide > melee, you'll get farther.


Wall running as previously mentioned works well too.

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Practice makes perfect bro :3.I used my volt with maxed speed+maxed fury+Zoren's air slide-slashing,I am capable of travelling up to 70meters straight line in 2 to 3 seconds. To do this just slide/air slide-slashing with Zoren when u are going to cross over any object below you will increase your aerial and speed duration.

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