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Inventory - Mod Page Fusion And Sell Bugs


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I encounter the following bugs repeatedly: 


1)  After I fuse multiple mods into a single mod and then try to fuse a different mod, the "apply fusion" button does not do anything.  I have to back out of the mod page and then go back in.  This is pretty reliable, and I think it happens every time.  I tend to sort mods by "type" (clicking on the sorting icons), so this may be related. 


2)  When trying to sell mods, sometimes I will get a "you can't sell this mod" message, even though there isn't any reason I shouldn't be able to sell.  As with the first bug, backing out of the mod screen and then going back in will resolve the issue.  This one seems to be random, although I think it usually happens after I've sold some other mods from the inventory (may have to do with mod location on the screen).  

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1) I get that a lot too. Though certainly not every time.


2) The only time that happens is if it is the only copy you have of an ability for a frame that you own. At least that is the only time I've experienced, in which case it isn't a bug.


I get bug #2 when I try to sell abilities for other frames (that I don't own).  I'm not sure if it happens with "regular" mods (weapon mods, etc.), but I think that it does.  I'll try and keep better track next time, but I know for a fact that it happens with frame abilities, at least.  

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