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Resource Drops During Alerts



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I have no evidence, it just *feels* like it's true. It's more likely RNG just playing tricks on me. Perhaps someone has some numbers crunched to prove or disprove it.

The datamines that everyone cites have no info on resource drop rates based on planet/mission/phase of moon, so it would either take a lot of testing or irrefutable evidence to prove that it is happening. Besides, it would make too much sense for something like that to be true. This is Warframe after all.


But boy do I want it to be true.

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Did an alert yesterday and I was sure that it dropped more Plastids than I could get in 15 runs of any other planet.  (was around the 250 mark) Lately the most I've ever seen in 1 run would be around 40, most runs I would get 0.  And I've been hunting them ever since research requires you get more of these than there are in existence.

But it was a high level alert, so not sure if that had anything to do with it.   Maybe those 2K credit alerts could serve a purpose after all, if not they are a big waste of space.

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