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Nerf Nanospores.


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I think the bigger problem is that they drop in massive quantities, above and beyond being relatively worthless. It was definitely nice that they changed the amounts of things like Alloy Plates, but Plastid drops are still ridiculous if you intend to make a Supra or something. I probably scored 500 or so over the weekend running Xini and a bunch of random missions on Saturn and Uranus, all of which ended with less than 100 in the runs where any plastids dropped at all. Scored a good 2k per run in Nanospores however!

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Yeah .5 million is about where I am at. A little more than that. But let's put that into perspective shall we. There are 19 items in game that require nano spores. For a total of 41,300 Nano Spores. So if we do a little more math we can see that I can successfully build everything that requires nano spores approximately 12 times. And some people have even more than that.


In conclusion, F$%& NANO SPORES.

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In 2 months: New weapon: Infested shotgun "Killa"!

BP drop from Ultra-Giga-Murderboss Grineer Heavy Gunner, who placed on Corpus ship.

Resources to craft:

5 Neurodes

75 000 Nano spores

4 500 Salvage

900 Plastids



Nano spores drop reduced to 1/30 of previous ammount.

Infested now healed by poison, Corpus got 0,3 multiplier.

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ANY new bp-s that would require massive amounts of nano spores would break the game in two ways - new players(and those who didnt farm them) find them way too expensive  to get,  old players with 500k + find them cheap and can build them with ease. Therefor resulting in large amounts of hate amongst the playerbase.


You cant Reset or wipe the resource off players - even more rage and hate.


Al they can do is  leave spores  weapons as is and lower the drop amount/frequency at Eris at least to allow other stuff to drop.

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