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Ongoing Connection Issues. No Improvements So Far.


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People can't join my game after:


- I do an alert.


- I do a "solo" mission.


- I set my status to "solo" and get the "You have been disconnected from this session" message.


- I am denied into a game due to their high ping.


- I am denied into a game based on my filtered preference. (I have it set to max 150 ping)


- I am disconnected from a game due to host migration.


- For none of the above reasons at times, it just randomly happens.


The sentinels have tails and masks and we have little holographic tattoos, but people still can't join each other? I can't wait for the Grineer Outpost maps so that nobody can connect to each other while playing the new maps + server stress.


That'll go over well.


This problem is an epidemic, and the only way to temporarily solve it is to completely restart Warframe (not relog - you actually have to close the program and restart it from the launcher)


Many people in Region chat complain about this lacking feature, and I am sick of just being locked out of the game's greatest aspect. The strange thing is, friends can join if I invite them. So it's as if the game locks you on "Private."


On top of all this, some people just can't connect to each other. Period. While some of my friends (not all) are in the Dojo, nobody else can join. This has gotten ridiculous.


I would place this in the "Bugs" section, but it's become so prevalent that it's practically a gameplay expectation.

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   Try changing the Ping Setting to 400 or "No Limit" instead. 150 Ping is basically a shorter amount of time (milliseconds I think?) for communication between you and someone else so that would be limiting your options further instead of the opposite. Although, I have had quite a few disconnections and host migrations today as well as lag for my teammates when I host which isn't normal for me.

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I set mine to 350 personally, and while I run into laggy games every so often, it at least finds viable games frequently. I still sometimes get messages of being rejected due to my ping settings, but all the better. The stated ping always fluctuates so you're bound to bump into people who would normally have higher or lower ping pull just under what your settings are.


With regard to 'Solo', that's sort of an old problem. You do have to get out of the 'lobby' (which is basically whenever you click on a planet to view the mission lattice) in order to properly change 'modes'. It doesn't really work any other way unfortunately. Things currently seem a little muddled to me because simply clicking on a planet makes you 'In Lobby' (as opposed to clicking on a mission on a planet) and that is the required status a friend must have in order to join them.

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