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Chance To Slowly Earn Platinum In Game


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I know it's most likely it's not gonna happen, but I think something like 100,000 - 250,000 credits for 1 platinum would actually be quite useful :D   it's quite a large amount so people won't be getting hundreds, but it may slowly fund that warframe slot you're after, or maybe eventually with weeks of work, a colour pack lol

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The more platinum people don't have to pay $$ to get, the less funding DE gets to improve Warframe.


DE needs to make money or the game goes away.

While true, giving away 5-10 plat via events or for a massive credit price (~1-2 million perhaps for 2-3plat or something), it wouldn't kill the game.


If there would be a "-1"-Button, I'd use it right now.

So, if they gave ~5-10 plat as a top tier event reward, that'd ruin the game? No, they should give away a TASTE of it to encourage people to buy more! What'll kill the game is the fact that DE can't price almost anything properly (I link this video, watch it, it's informative)

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Don't worry guys.


When Trading comes, you can sell your rare mods so that other players can buy it with Platinum.


DE gets $$$$, the buyer gets rare mods he can't find no matter what he does, and you get your platinum.


Go out there and farm some rare mods so that you'll be well-stocked when the system does come live.

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