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Crashing Internet And Chat Errors


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Okay so for about a month, Ive experienced a certain problem. Every 1-2 hours my internet crashes for about 5 seconds then goes back online. This only seem to happen when Im on warframe, although Im not too sure about that (yet) In the chat box I get following message:



My facebook chat goes offline and I cant access any websites for the 5-10seconds its down.


I tried to talk to the support of the company I get my internet from, but so far nothing has helped. They even tried to help me portforward to certain ports from warframe, and adjust a few things on my modem. They asked me to check something in the cmd, to see if my connection was stable. Once it crashed I got this message:




I plan on calling them again tomorrow and ask them if it may be my modem or the cable that is broken...


This is seriously starting to pee me off. Not only does it interupt my gaming, but may also result in a host migration, which sucks for me AND my team mates. Whats worse, is that I dont know if warframe is causing this or not.


I sincerely hope someone can help me here. Anything that could help me fix this would be very appreciated.

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