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Interactive Lotus


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I don't really think it's appropriate for a voice communication channel to have an animated picture of the speaker. Why would she ever reveal what else she's up to? She's not going to be sitting in one place just talking at you like the DotA-style models would have you think.


I don't even think she should have the picture she does. I'd think it should be the sound measurement bars and her name and that's it. Nothing good can come from revealing oneself in any respect when Tenno like the stalker exist (betrayers who would recognize her).

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I'd like for her to be interactive.  Then we could tell her what we really think.


Lotus:  "Our mission just got more complicated.  We need you to go back all over this ship and retrieve all the data from-"

Tenno:  "**** that.  Guide me to extraction now or I'm going to hunt you down and stab you."

Lotus:  "Uhm, on second thought, never mind that data..."

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