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Punch-Through Weakpoint Prioritization

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One slight tweak I'd like DE to consider, is to change the way punch-through interacts with mobs, giving bodyparts / weakpoints a priority list, in which it picks the most damageable part before dealing damage.

When a hitscan weapon or projectile with punch-through hits an enemy, it traces the full length of the shot as it goes through the target and sees if any weakpoints are being pierced, and picks the highest damage multiplier out of them in order to deal damage to that part, rather than any other point in the trajectory. This allow you to fire at an enemy who's flailing his arms in front of his face, and actually deal headshot damage, even if their tiny, insignificant glove/tentacle waved into the path of the shot. Or fire from a lower height, through an enemy's legs and chest and still hit the head, if the punch-through value is high enough to facilitate such.

Realistically speaking, hitting several body parts would probably deal damage to them all, but that's just really OP and probably a nightmare to balance and optimize, so picking a single, highest-priority weakpoint, if any were hit, is probably the better option.

This helps situations where the current system makes little sense, such as shooting two Grineer Lancers that face each other, lining up the shot as to hit both of their heads, but the bullet impacts on the first Lancer's neck armor, then passes through his head, and into the face of the 2nd Lancer, whom instantly dies from the shot, while the first is merely damaged slightly.

As it stands, it makes little to no sense as to why the 2nd guy would be dead if the first guy's survived a bullet going through his entire skull with zero issues.


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