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Torid And Crush(?) Bugs


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Firstly, the Torid bugs.  While playing around with it, I found 2 bugs with it.  The first I found, my team mate walked in front of me as I was about to shoot my Torid, it exploded when it hit them, poisoned me, and then hit the target I wanted to hit.  The damage still went off on the enemy I was aiming at.


The other Torid bug I found, I hit enemies directly with the grenade, and my team mate couldn't use their melee attacks against the enemy I had hit the grenade with.  They could hit them once the poison cloud was gone.  My team mate had only been using charge attacks, and I'm not sure if it would affect my own melee attacks. (I wouldn't walk up to my own poison).


The Crush related bug(I think) made me move to another area, where I couldn't get out of.  My team mate had been using Crush and I had been melee attacking an enemy that was getting crushed(probably would've died anyway).  Then this happened. I have a screenshot of this bug, but I don't know how to post it up... otherwise, I don't know if anyone has encountered these bugs other than the people I've mentioned.

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Ah and here I thought it might be related to the crush crash bug. People who use crush with a mag, or are in a party with a mag crash spontaneously when crush is used. Experienced this so many times myself, anywhere from the first crush crash to the 20th cast. Few people have this problem though, so no idea what the connection might be. Haven't experienced the teleport bug though.

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