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Swapping Weapons Bug


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I'm leveling a Vauban with a Hek and a Vasto. Being the Hek clip so short, sometimes I swap to my Vasto after shooting the four barrels instead of reloading.


Well, I used to, because I've found that it can lead to a "stuck" state, where you continue holding the Hek without reloading it even if you swap to the Vasto (the icon is shown, but you continue holding a discharged Hek). So you cannot fire with any weapon but melee. And another strange thing, you cannot pick up orbs, credits, etc. unless you have the Vasto selected. if you swap o the Hek (only the icon changes, as I previously stated), you cannot pick up anything.


This goes on until you are knocked down. Sometimes being hit in close combat without being knocked down unstuck it, too, but not always.


EDIT: I have confirmed that this happens when trying to swap from discharged main to secondary. Tried with Hek, Boltor, Braton, Boar, Lex, Despair, Vasto and Akbolto. Trials made with Vauban and Rhino, so the warframe is not the cause.


It only happens when changing from discharged main to secondary (and not always, guess it has to do with reloading already started), never when swapping from discharged secondary to main.


EDIT2: Sometimes you can unstuck by using abilities. Doesn't work always.

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