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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.2

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1 hour ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fixed Operator sometimes looking back during transmissions.

But... Why? That one was actually a very nice surprise the first time I saw it, and I always enjoyed it when it happened. Gave the operator further personality, especially since, on my end, it had the tendency to trigger after I finished a fight. The operator looking around made it seem like she was checking her surroundings to see if anyone is left, and that was a very nice touch of personality. Please, revert this! Or at least insert it back but tie it to triggering only after fights. Cause it was a very good addition, even if unintentional.

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It appeared this patch did something to the mouse settings. I previoulsy set the sensitivities to 5 / 6 / 5 and I just wanted to change some keybinds only to discover that the settings are now at 4/2/1. I changed it back and now 5/6/5 is FAR more sensitive than it previously was. (Yes I doublechecked against my windows settings, mousedriver settings and tried it in another game to see if my win/hardware is the fault but after some testing im pretty sure it isnt)

Edit: I just noticed the mouse sensitivity is different in the orbiter/relay/cetus than in a mission. was that always the case?

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Gunsen fanning animation needs to be made cancellable please. We are being being shot at while we stand there locked in place doing nothing useful combat wise. that said, I love the fanning animation and want it to play after every attack we do, as long as its immediately cancellable.

can quartakk please get a shoulder stock? i mean, as a 4 barrelled rifle, I think a shoulder stock just makes sense on a "high caliber" gun with 4 simultaneously firing barrels.

corinth reload animation has new shells pop into existence in the shell holder. can we please get void energy effects for it? a simple fade in would be cool, making it more obvious its teleporting in with some void magic. its just looks dodgy right now.

Somachord UI needs some changes. the horizontal list is very space inefficient and forces a lot of scrolling. can we change it to a vertical list? Also some options like 
auto play when we load into ship,and repeat songs would be cool
also can we please play Tennotunes with the somachord? i would happily pay for those songs!

Trins EV is still bugged on vomvalysts. Marking them with EV and then destroying their physical shell simply cancels EV without giving the rest of the energy in a final pulse.

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Thank you for the minig buff! I'm testing it and it is much better!
Could you make, in the next hotfix, that the people who have completed the second dream can see the moon when playing on the plain, like when it's night on the other earth's missions? It would be a nice detail!

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2 hours ago, Tangent-Valley said:

Except that The Sacrifice is mostly hyped for older Players who are aware of the larger plot, lore, and excited for a new Warframe Quest/Installment....and Open World is more hyped for New Players and people considering to start playing Warframe...

....So.....yeah, Open World is more important right now for a Game that wants to grow its player-base and continue growing in size and revenue.

Sounds to me like both are more-or-less equally important and people will try to prioritize based on their own interests TBH.

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Don't know if this is supposed to be intentional but this kinda bugs me. I recently noticed the Atmos accessories appear to have a wierd green glow.
Apparently the energy is sorta based off the metallic color of the somatics, but it appears to be mixing the base color of the energy (which would be the usual Ki'teer Teal) with the color i selected for it (Yellow from Fire Pallete). Perhaps might need some attention. Otherwise, that's how it appears for me.

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Still no fixes for 

- Enemies only being vulnerable to nidus's virulence once they've been caught by larva (Ran some tests on this one, seems to be a client side issue.)

- Ki'teer Atmos mask being invisible on open Cenos, Vahd, and Zauba helmets

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já q tem algumas pessoas fazendo críticas boas, vou fazer uma que seria boa para acrescentar ao jogo.

usando como exemplo na imagem 1, acho que poderia ter um texto do tipo, flutuando ou em algum tipo de painel (como letreiro de motel rsrs) sob essa porta da planície pra indicar o ciclo do dia e o tempo restante, o mesmo creio q seja possível introduzir no menu como na imagem 2 e 3. Creio eu q seria bastante útil para os jogadores saberem o período e tempo restante que ainda se tem para poderem ir para a planície e para cetus no período que quiserem, já que se você estiver em sua orbital e quiser ir caçar um eidolon e já saber que está a noite e ainda resta bastante tempo, ou até mesmo quando estiver de dia e você começar a montar um squad para assim que o ciclo alterar para noite vocês irem caçar eidolon.

Espero que mais pessoas vejam meu comentário e apoiem essa minha idéia, porque sei que vai ser muito útil para todos.

Obrigado pela atenção e bom jogo a todos!


since you have some useful things, make a good one to be added to the game. using as an example in image 1, I think there has been a text of the type, floating or in some kind of panel (like motel sign rsrs) under that plain door to indicate the cycle of the day and the remaining time, the same I believe No it is possible to enter in the menu as in image 2 and 3. I believe it would be very useful for players to know the period and time remaining that is still a problem to be able to go to a plain and cetus in the period that you want, since you are you Your orbital and your turn and your time and your life are still quite up to date, and even when it is day and you get a lot of squad for what you are thinking.

I hope more people will see my comment and support my idea because I know it will be very useful for everyone.

Thank you for your attention to the good game!

imagem: 1


imagem: 2


imagem: 3



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Thank you for updates / Hotfixes. <3

If you buy something you see what parts seller must add for complete prime set.
When you sell something nothing shows up to see what you must add for complete set.
Instead of checking foundry, Would be awesome if seller see required parts like buyer.
With clan mate did trade example:

First image - i see required parts for full set what he needs to add.
Second image - i don't see what parts i should add for complete set.

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" We’ve increased both the base chance as well as the bonus for accuracy." (Mining) OK... that's fine.. *heavy breathing* but it won't fix the problem ! REEEE !!! 

Cannot we have a truly accurate miner / mining system ? Right now for many people taking a high score (like 5 mining points) is PAINFUL, DREADFUL.. Just make process of gaining these points a lot easier to solve one problem with mining <_<

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fishing is bugged, everytime i throw a bait or a dye it sinks immediately.


EDIT: Lakes and ponds seems to work fine, but in the ocean at least at the far left of the plains the problem persists

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New test
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All of your comments are nice, but Fish-Frame is endgame! And fishframe is obliterated... So fix?


EDIT: Cant personally say that the chance for relevant gems has increased. Probably because in my personal perspective, about 95% of the indications on the gem radar yield irrelevant results. If you made a huge improvement on the drop rate, that will mean we experience a 94% chance of getting irrelevant results.

Who do you think you impress with that?

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Your reasoning to nerf the Plasmor does not make actual sense. Compared to the other shotguns the Arca Plasmor's only benefit is that it has innate punch through and that it is easier to get headshots with. Nerfing that functionality only serves to skew the meta even more so back to the Tigris Prime which is already 'meta' enough as is. The Plasmor has a lower fire rate, lower range, and an extremely limited damage type, and the only reason it is considered in the top tier of weapons currently is hunter munitions, which as of damage 2.5 may no longer be worth using. So you're effectively nerfing a weapon which has a niche use for no other reason than 'We think it does too much damage when players use it intelligently'.

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