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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.2


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8 hours ago, Eljureo said:

Maybe 2x affinity booster? But i noticed too, today in sorties I got 150k. I can see myself reaching 250k without farming .

9 hours ago, ScribbleClash said:

really hate to ask this, because I don't want this to go away: Has focus gain been changed? I just made 250k focus in a single run, opposed to my regular ~110k. Also I got ~60k focus per convergence instead of my regular 20k-50k. (all numbers with booster)

Double affinity weekend, folks.

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Thurible stopped giving energy, used it in the survival Sortie today (Before the reset 2.5 hours ago) and it would not give me ANY energy, Tried it several times. Even to the point were a headset was LISTED as giving 130 energy but wasn't showing up in my energy reserves while I was empty or near empty.

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Thanks for all the great fixes :)


Chesa Kubrows and other utility pets are still broken. They refuse to use thier precepts around enemies. Since then many community "solutions" have been offered. "Make sure you have the precepts in the right order in your loadout". "Make sure you are not attacking enemies as your pet will start attacking and overwrite its own priorites in favor of killing". None of these fixed the issue. Take my Chesa for example, it's neutralize mod is still useless, as even though it will activate when there are enemies, my Kubrow just disarms them then keeps attacking the same enemy until it is dead. Retrive is pointless in a firefight too as, with neutralize, my Kubrow only focuses on attacking enemies 15 feet from it and won't grab my gun ammo i need 3 feet from it.  Kavats are proof that this is a bug or a broken freature as they use thier non combat functions while enemies are nearby. Please DE fix my utility kubrows.

I do see this issue slowly being fixed, Before the Preciepts wouldn't even work near enemies. Atleast now to "kind of" work. Thank you so much for your continued work DE.

On that subject, Pets in general are just plain unbalanced compaired to setinials. I know, I know. you've all heard this a million times.. But i'm posting it again becuase nothing has been done about it. 

Lets look at Setinials first:

  • Can be obtained almost right out of the gate when starting a new account
  • Cheap to make (no incubator or rare resource farming needed)
  • No wait times or resources needed to switch between compainions
  • No stat degredation over time while compainion is out
  • No Resource upkeep
  • More focused on Utility compared to Pets
  • Always stay by your side and don't get stuck on easily manuvarable parts of the map
  • Can revive you
  • Are easier to kill than pets and connot be healed as easily
  • only have a set number of "revives" before they are dead for the mission

Next Pets:

  • Take longer to get as you need to complete a quest for kubrows and then must make it to the derelict to get Kavats
  • Require Much for prerequiste work to get, the above quest to obtain equipment to use pets, Special rare drops only found at 1 location for each pet type (eggs for kubrows/Genetic codes for kavats)
  • 3 hour wait times to switch in between pets (or 30 min if you can get the resources for the "upgrade") or you can use plat or credits(upgraded) to "rush" it
  • Stat degredation for eqipped compainion which result in loss of compainion if you don't have the upgrade
  • Resource upkeep required to keep compainion alive/battle worthy
  • More focused on combat with pets having higher damage and combat abilites than setinials
  • AI cuases pets to glitch out on terrain or not even follow you period which makes them less useful for combat or utility
  • Cannot revive you
  • Are harder to kill as they have more health and can be healed by player more easily
  • Can be revived an unlimited number of times during mission

While the Hunter mod pack has made it possible for pets to now heal you, bringing them one step closer to rivaling setinials. That is so sad that we need a mod pack that hinders our already exsisiting builds to help our pets closer to a substitute for setinials. Pets are a late game compainion, harder to get, require resources to keep going, and yet they are worthless both in and out of mission compaired to setinials. Yes, Pets are more combat focused and do more damage and survive longer, but that does not redem that amount of work or time spent into getting and maintaining/using them. The utility pets are worse than setinials in every way besides survivability since they don't use thier precepts. Even if they did, they don't match up to the setinials due to the sub par pathing AI for pets.

Please DE, please. Buff Pets!! Atleast the Utility Kubrows.. fix those. either that or remove all this "end game requirements/resources sinks" from them as they are currently not worth it.


As of right now the only Pet i use is my Smeeta kavat as she still uses her precepts, she strips armor, and she can heal me. plus doing tons of damage. She makes all the resources and time and grind worth the price both in aquiring and maintaining her.. the other kavat is good as well as striping armor is still availible, The Charger Kubrow also uses his precepts and does great damage so he makes the price more barable. But the other Pets aren't worth it they have been collecting dust ever since early Febuary 2016 when chesa's were somewhat new and you Changed how kubrow utility precepts worked.. in that they don't.

And now with the upcomming addition of Khora, the cat tamer, kubrows and other pets take an even greater fall into the useless depths. As Khora's 3rd ability grants her a, limited time, fully functionaly and modable Kavat that is even commandable. While still all other pets need constant resource dumps to stay with you. 

I am terribly sorry for rambling on and on. But this is important to me. I've worked hard and long to get these pets and all but one aren't useful to me. Please DE Help.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this,

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You seem to have completely destroyed Octavia. Was this intentional or will she be returned to pre-patch glory? as a Octavia main,I must say if these are nerfs and intentional,the character has been completely ruined and is now master rank fodder.

I can't seem to find any posts by [DE] relating to Octavia so here we go..I hope they're just bugs and not intended.

Mallet now no longer seems to scale in damage as it's damaged.
Mallet usually causes 0 damage altogether.

Metrenome a few days ago could reapply buffs if you kept moving to the beat. Now a buff CANNOT be reapplied mid buff unless metrenome is recasted or the buff runs out completely. 

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I don't get the plasmor nerf...yes the headshot made it strong but what precision are you talking about ? It has 20m range ! And unlike tigris prime (which one shot from much more distance but I guess you don't care at all cause you like the weapon), after 20m, there is nothing. The projectile is gone. You have to put projectile speed mod or use Zephyr's Jet stream to have a better range on it and still the weapon is bad against high level armored unit (guess what weapon can one shot a lvl 150 heavy gunner ;))))) ).


I bet you won't even read that though .w. not enough time or whatever but when you nerf something, try to be fair and legit and nerf what is stronger than that weapon please.

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Harrow's third ability seems to be partially broken. If you run your energy down to 0 while you're letting your energy return build up and then start attacking enemies, it doesn't return any energy to the player whatsoever. Evidence of the issue in effect can be seen here. This wasn't happening prior to this update, so I think something might have gotten messed up in the process.

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On 2018-01-26 at 8:11 PM, Tangent-Valley said:

Except that The Sacrifice is mostly hyped for older Players who are aware of the larger plot, lore, and excited for a new Warframe Quest/Installment....and Open World is more hyped for New Players and people considering to start playing Warframe...

....So.....yeah, Open World is more important right now for a Game that wants to grow its player-base and continue growing in size and revenue.

Personally I think you´re wrong. I am a veteran here since 2+ years, and the new addition of open worlds have been something very interesting to me since I´ve played MMORPGs before. The Khora quest might even be there, thats what I look forward to.

And the quest about Umbra? Not so much.. I don´t like the darkness...

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BUG: Tried to claim a pet at incubator.

(An Adarza kavat)

Pet started incubating before update 22.10, if that matters. 

Gave a name to pet.

Clicked on incubator again. 

Incubator focused on pet, which ept licing himself inside incubator, lost all UI and controls.


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I've thought about this one and am posting it here on the newest thread since many of the issues that I was having seem to have been fixed.

On 1/25/2018 at 6:53 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Added a reusable Blueprint for converting Intact Sentient Cores to Exceptional Sentient Cores. This Blueprint is available from Onkko in Cetus. This is an addition to help provide an alternative, but still invested, way for players to progress in the Quills. 

This benefits no one.  And carries with it the same sort of punishments we got with the Hema without the insane draconian justifications.  

People who are at max rank/reputation with the Ostrons know for fact that Radian Sentirum & Heart Nyth are rare materials to farm even with the increased farming drops, and will usually farm the Eidolon in squads. 

Those of us that aren't at max standing with the Ostrons while it's good to have increased drops on Intact Sentient Cores still have to turn in 5:1 (intact:exceptional) for this.  However, they have no means of getting either Sentirum and Nyth from mining for the blueprint as they have no way of getting the Advanced Nosram Cutter.  

If anything based on the material values for the blueprint, I would suggest a double for the Intact Sentient cores (10 instead of 5) with the same Radiant Sentirum & Heart Nyth requirements for a reusable blueprint for making Flawless Sentient Cores, with the current blueprint for Exception requiring Esher Devar (30) & Marquise Veridos (also 30) Instead.  



I know that some players like to keep this sort of thing for sentimental or completionist values.  But since I am an ancient and this was done years ago when Vor's Prize was first introduced, how 'bout cutting the rest of us some slack and allowing us to remove this?  My former landlord was a hoarder and I prefer to keep my places a lot more pristine.  


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On 1/26/2018 at 2:23 PM, random__noob said:

I cant throw bait or Luminous Dye just now. It vanishes instantly. Anybody else? i didnt have that issue yesterday. Or EVER, to be blunt. Is that connected to the hotfix?


Edit: Oh yeah, Cebian does have it too. Seems like the Hotfix was not exactly working as planned...

DE stole mah fish!

Lol, That last part had me laughing for quite a while :highfive:

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